Best Friends _3

By xtinaJanuary 18, 2016 8:22pm — 10 replies

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Aries Female Sag. Male NEED ADVICE
so i met this guy online 8 years ago i m 26 now and he is 29 he lives two hours away from me him and i have always connected in a way that i never knew was possible we would talk all the time and then we would lose touch for years at a time and
Anyone with experience with a Sag Sun Scorpio Moon and Venus Guy?
i must say this guy i just met has a very intense presence but he is also one of the sweetest guys ive ever met one thing about him that i find very attractive is that he is so attentive to me it is just the beginning i know but i want to know how to
Is it normal
after a date you wait a few days before talking to each other set up another date leo male and i aries hung out for hookah talked had fun during the hangout he would get close to me and put his head on my shoulders of course my dumb butt didnt re
Scorpio girl Sagg guy
im new at this so idk if im doing this correctly ive been looking for someone to talk to maybe get some sort of advice in regards to my relationship im a 26 yr old scorpio woman head over heels in love with a sagittarius man who i think is changi
Cancer Guy and Libra Girl
right so my guy and i have been together for a bit now it was heavy at first we met online and we met a few times and we were both extremely open to each other like we talked about kids i dont know how and why we even talked but we had the same visio
Just met an Aqua guy
ok i just started talking an aqua guy i went to high school with we rekindled on fb he sent me a couple messages before he got me to respond fast forward we been texting calling on and off its been about 2weeks i kind of been stalling to see him sin
Is Gemini interested or not?!?!
hi im a libra woman gemini rising capricorn moon and ive been seeing this guy who is a gemini aquarius rising leo moon i would really appreciate it if someone could give me insight on what is going on first of all im 8 years younger than him a
Need help! Virgo women trying to win back Taurus man
i am a virgo woman i had a 3year long relationship with a taurus man he and i were perfect together just had a connection that people would die to get we virgos we over analyze situations and often forget to appreciate things i was understanding at
Cancer problem or personal flaw?
so im a cancer sun gemini moon maybe its that and i have this problem with staying with one guy for too long i hate myself for it really ill fall in love and it will be perfect im entirely focused on only him then a few months go by and i