Help! Watered down Sagittarius.

By PrincessTaurus10November 16, 2017 2:40pm — 14 replies
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so in my previous post i talked about how this saggy blows hot and cold i reach out all the time etc i found out why so i just flat out asked him you interested or no he responds with its both you re great you funny can cook cool as he
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what are you guys suggestions i read everywhere its a bad combo i dont know her placements just met i dont want to go all the stars aligned on her just yet she seems down to earth and she really likes my story telling we had a good time i ca
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sun sag 4th asc in virg moon cap 5th mercury scorp 3rd venus scorp 2nd mars pisc 6th jupiter pisc 7th saturn sag 4th uranus sag 4th neptune sag 4th pluto scorp 3rd still catch him looking at me a lot and looking for reasons to hug me asked