I’m kinda back!

By HaruukaJune 25, 2022 4:29am — 8 replies
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WTF is this sh*t?
i waited a while to say this but and i were not working out so i moved out last year i am not sure what your relationship status is but i wouldnt mind entertaining us talking again and seeing where it goes obviously long-distance relationship
Are you humanitarian?
do you get involve in charity events do you give to the needy and what have you
Is having last word is a thing for Sags?
so after a week of half-ass communication i just sent a message like hey the communication is off blah blah i had fun take care and proceeded to block was not in the mood to listen to some lame excuses like i was busy and so on he managed to call
Highly sexual relationship with a disrespectful Sag woman, had a fight.
so i leo sun plus virgo moon am keeping it casual with a woman who is a sag sun and also a sag moon we talked about this a while back shes a texan brunette that tans easy and has a nice athletic body her nose is kinda big though but it goes alright
Sag wanted to keep it casual but now she's mad at me for not wanting something serious
so late last year i leo sun virgo moon amp leo rising matched with this sag woman on bumble and after the second place we went to her place and did it it was fun but then i noticed she kept playing hot and cold with me i saw her out one time holdi
Sag moon
most compatible sign for this moon sign what do you guys think
sagittarius buying habits and their carefree attitude (pics included)
quick question do you guys have a habit of buying stuff and not using them this is how one of my closet is looking right now everything you see here except for the stuff on the shelf belong to him the sag we both have two closets each one
Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp Woman and Dating
hi all i am interested to hear the perspective from women that have a sag-cap cusp or those with knowledge i have entered a new relationship with a sag-cap cusp women on the sagittarius side i am a pisces sun virgo rising aries moon i tend to be ve
Why do Sagittarius people like to play Devil's Advocate and challenge people's opinions the most?
im just curious its always the sagittarius sun people who always like to have a debate and challenge my opinions the most and ive seen them do it to others too do you guys just like hearing peoples varying opinions on a subject or to make peopl
how to get sadge to ease off a bit...?
hi everyone thanks for clicking smile i was wondering if i could get some advice regarding a sadge male ive been tight with for about eight-nine years now hes one of the most easy-going laid back people i know and i honestly have nothing to compla