A Scorpio's Worst Enemy

I know who my worst enemy is and it's true to the astrology book I own and I see why too but who is are your enemies fellow scorpions?
----here is a part from the book I own----

"The scorpio man is a dangerous and mysterious man. Probably the most of the zodiac.
When crossed or disputed he can unleash a powerful wave of uncontrolled anger. Just like the scorpion's deadly stinger he is capable poisoning his enemies. Just don't let the stinger do the same to yourself."
Ascendant: Virgo Sun: Leo (11th house)
scorpius, who is yours?
just like the book i could say it's myself. I have all this pent up aggression aimed at me but I know suicide is just a coward's way out. So its just hard to face it you know?
this is a little depressing, I know this but I'm more curious to see what others think of their enemies...like, how far would you go to hurt them?

You are meant to live. It's not your time to die now. You are only 19 years old and have too much living to do. Oh, I'm so annoyed now with a my guy friend. He just drives me nuts. I just don't know what to do. ERRRRR....
Ascendant: Virgo Sun: Leo (11th house)
I've gone pretty far to hurt someone once upon a time. I'm not proud of it and won't elaborate. But the fact that I wanted to see someone hurt should be evil enough. I'm nowhere near as spiteful as I used to be.
I would agree with you purrrfect. Spite is just evil, but we all do it to a degree.
Does this bother anyone else?

"You are meant to live. It's not your time to die now"

yes mystical, I know. I don't want to die, I like to live but I have looked death in the face before. He's not that scary...lol

What is this friend of your doing to drive you nuts?

Wow, death isn't scary? I'm not afraid to die either but I'm a little frightened of it. Oh, there is so much living to do.

Well, my friend is so annoying that I wrote about it under the Virgo forum (got my venting out then). Coming from a guy's point of view, could you read it (even though it's related to a Virgo a guy is a guy) and let me know what you think? It's called Can anyone help me out?. I would appreciate it as I don't understand what is going on. Oh, brother....
Sure, I'd be glad to take a look, I will go now and tell you my opinion

And, a tip for death: Once you can accept that everyone has a time and place to die...why bother sweating it, I'm curious about the after life anyway, arent you?

Thanks very much.

Yes, I'm very curious about the after life but I'm scared as well. It's weird to think we are earth for only a limited amount of time and then we're gone. I just hope heaven is as pretty as the movies, like we register and have an angel with us to take care of our loved ones on earth. Wow, I'm going deep now. Heaven is more than likely a pretty place or at least I'd like to think so.

i can't even believe i just heard you talk about hurting yourself.

now i must go to bed with that terrible thought.

Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't guess my moon sign either :P

Most scorpios have dark emotions. This can be a good thing because these dark emotions can fuel their desire for life because their creates such a deep passion.

I know first hand because I was involved with a scorpio for a short period of time, although I know him longer than that. He was like a teacher, he kinda pushed me into wanting to become more of a woman because he always made me feel like a little girl ... grrr! What I felt for him was very deep and we had some intense moments -- some I would really like to forget. His intenses was too much for me sometimes ... he scared me to death. But I figured out how to calm him down and it worked for a while until things went too far ...

The best aspect about our relationship was that we could talk to each other about anything. He spoke to me about subjects he didn't want to discuss ... but he knew I would give-it-to-him-straight. He probably would be locked up at this point if I didn't use reasoning to make him see the "light".

My point is that maybe you need someone you can confind in? Don't try to go through those dark emotions alone. Do you have someone you confine in? Relate to? To share things with?
yes, there is one person. But most of my family is gone and I want to be the happy one for them, the one who is strong and always there, as long as they are family and friends, I will never let them down...About your scorpio man, I think that if every scorpio told about their true emotions people would not be able to handle them. This whole topic is only a touch of mine. But a capricorn could be a scorpion's best friend I think. They and another scorpio are the only two who can understand the full intensity, you see.

i can't even believe i just heard you talk about hurting yourself.

now i must go to bed with that terrible thought.


This is a thing of the past, more like 3 weeks ago...as long as I have friends like you, there is no reason to do such a dark thing...that is just weak, and weakness is something I do not tollerate, my dear.
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