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asking for others stories to this ive been in a relationship for awhile now and ive been feeling like its no longer what i want and what i want to do cant take anyone with me for certain reasons has anyone ever felt like what you read more
Confuse with this Scorpion guy
hi everyone this is about scorpion guy whos friend of my friends hes already taken g f but he confused me everytime were in the same event he always act weird he always walk or stand where i am i noticed he glance at me a lot even his friend and his
Ex VIS Woman
woman venus in scorpio really forget 5 years ago i ended a relationship with a woman with scorpio sun venus mercury and jupiter since then we have seen 3 times in these 5 years by chance but nothing important hello how are you and nothing mor
okay im lost as fuck right now my bae apparently wants to corrupt me and is not telling me what he means hes called me innocent plenty of times i dont think this is sexual were past that point any ideas keep in mind he has done h
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okay i need some advice me and my best guy friend sag - who is a sagittarius decided to take our friendship to the next level two years ago and start dating i have gotten to that point twice where i wanted us to be official and brought it up but eac
right then lets hear it how many scorpios are dealing with taurus partners at the moment or have done in the past theres something going at play here with the universe no
Lost my scorpio...??
hi all i was in a strong loving relationship with my ex scorpio for 2 5 years i left for 18 months overseas and we didnt spend any physical time together we decided to put our relationship on hold until i got back and see other people we kept in cont
help with scorpio man
hello im a taurus woman had been in an intense relationship with a scorpio man for 4 years there was a secret drug addiction hidden from me for sometime has been hard to get through since that happened and it was rocky i was trying my best but
Scorpio Sting
so ive known this scorpio guy for about 3 years just recently this year hes shown real interest in me he told my mom it took us a while to actually start going out and spending time together when were together is actually really nice we have a l
Scorpio guy disappeared on me .. Help!
im a virgo woman im really crazy about a scorpio man i met him one year go he was my work colleague at the time i was engaged but i was generally interested in him we speaked but not on a regular basis we both left works and we were not speaking