Scorpio Changed his number.

By PiscesScorpio1118October 11, 2018 10:32am — 31 replies
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Would a Scorpio marry for this reason?
there s speculation that fabolous a scorpio just married his longtime on amp off gf and mother of his kids emily b aqua but people are saying it was just a power move to avoid having her testify against him in court for beating her ass thoughts
Gut feeling
how often are your gut feelings correct how can you tell if a gut feeling is just wishful thinking rather than true gut feeling is there a distinction if you want i can explain the reason for these questions
Friends without benefits 😅
scorpio men out there cry for help i met this guy at work 1 5 years ago out of which weve been quite close for the last 6 months by close i mean that the guy asked my number took me out for drinks then a dinner always covered the bills and w
does this chart favor fidelity or cheating?
she has many male friends that she hangs out with and shes slept with 2 or 3 of them in the past and once before meeting me she used to be promiscuous but only with close friends she doesnt like sleeping with strangers and she swears in relationships
What’s up with this scorpio physiotherapist
i ran into my physiotherapist at the pharmacy this morning and saw that he was visibly uncomfortable to buy his medication in my presence he even gave me a piercing look and mumbled something to the effect now i m buying medication in my patient s prese
These songs remind me of the scorp soul
dear scorpiowoman i have stumbled upon the songs of lindemann the singer of rammstein his texts deeply resonate with my scorpigf he seems to know scorpiosoul inside and out pls listen to the lyrics and tell us what they make you feel and think htt
I fell in love with a scorpio
dear all i feel lost and upset about a scorpio man that i met one year ago he is older than me 10 years and was introduced by a friend of mine who worls with him i was reluctant to meet him at first as i had been dumped by my boyfriend two months
What went through Scorpios head?
i m not sure why i still care but i m having a bit of a hard time getting over him ugh maybe if i knew how he feels about me i can get some closure because he basically blocked me after this the final showdown went something like this yes we broke u
Pretty sure my gem dude is ending things.
hes been off lately and i know works been hard this whole ldr has been hard he hasnt been calling at all like normal or hardly texting so i finally asked whats up pretty much stated things at work suck its affecting his mood something happened
hello ive dated this scorpio man for about 5 months for about a month we were just seeing each other and after we went on a weekend getaway in the third month he started calling me his girlfriend he always told me sweet things how much he loved me