By Lil.ladie.taurusJune 24, 2009 8:01pm — 12 replies
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Ew lol.
does anyone even enjoy sushi lol i dont understand why it was decided that it was edible lol
Smile =)
this made me laugh so hard and i hope it makes you guys laugh too
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i know scorps are infamous for being passionate sexy exciting etc in relationships but what about a new relationshi
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i am a scorp female and i have just met a virgo man and i am completely taken aback by him i am so attracred to him an
Scorpio's make me want to be romantic:)
the other night my scorpio was taking me home at about 3 in the morning because i had to get up on the way home he st
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what does a man with a sun in taurus with a mars in scorpio act like and how do you know if hes attracted to you
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personally ive always thought me being on top gave the best results but im sure everyone is different i dont