We text eachother on a daily basis for 2 weeks (met her on tinder, gave me her number), got into a little bit of steamy sexting too and I'm dying to met her, but she just delay it. Doesn't respond to my calls because she said I won't like her voice. She d
Hey there! I have recently became attracted to a taurus girl I used to be very lose friends with. We didn't talk for just over a year, we have been talking again for about a week now, just general catch up stuff. I want to persue a relationship with her
Any tips or ideas that would help out a taurus woman who is overworked and under-appreciated? I've offered to help but taurus are so independent and work oriented...she works all day and then doesn't want to do anything but rest when she gets home. This
I ve with this Taurus lady, I am Cancerian - we are lady in love with a lady 1) for 5 months (long distance in the same country for 3 months with so beautifully chemistry between us, dated for 4 times and the love is so hot with some intimacy) and long
randomly messaged me saying merry christmas without me even having his number saved. lol... what is happening ?
would any of you try to maintain a close friendship with someone who is only there when it suits them? like they are there when they need you. but if you need them and they're not in the mood they're not there for you? i have a couple of those people i
I met this lovely Taurus woman and we have been taking it slow. Things weren't progressing as she remains conflicted by a current suitor so subsequently, I decided to remain her friend, and date others. As soon as competition arrived on the scene this lo
Hi all! Could someone please give me some insight on a Bull born 7th May 1968 in Perth West Australia (sorry dont have a birth time). He seems to be the epitomy of a Bull and looooooves food! Thanks in advance!
SOOOOO Me and my Sagittarius decided to 'mutually' break up on valentines day. Long story short I'm trying to get over my broken heart obviously it won't be anytime soon, but I've looked at so many articles on how us Taurus's usually get over break up
Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows you to be a strong individual with an even stronger and determined drive to achieve your ends. You can be very dedicated in your efforts to further important persona
Hey! So my taurus man broke up with me almost a month ago after over a year of relationship. We were still living together and decided to try and live together until I finish uni for this year. However, as soon as I found out, that he had gone on a dat
What are some of the things you would want to inform people about Taurus' before they consider dating one?
Been reading up a fair bit on Taurus guys recently. Found one book pretty helpful for anyone going into new relationship with Taurus man. It preps you with the right mindset and what to expect from Taurus relationship. Here's the link: https://diana
What would make a Taurus man want to start getting serious about his relationship?
What would make a Taurus man want to start getting serious? Idk if this sounds like a dumb question or not lol. My Taurus bf suddenly is getting really serious about our relationship. He's talking kids and marriage in the near future. Not a bad thing at a
no major backstory to this, I simply am wondering. I know my Bull would send a simple how are you msg just to check in which is fine. When I go away he tends to want me to msg that I have arrived safely, so with little things like that do you like the sam
Hey guys I like this Taurus and I wondered if you could shed some light on this guy. He's a: Taurus sun Cap/aqua moon Gemini mercury Taurus Venus Leo mars
Bought Anna's Taurus Men Secrets as a casual read for astrology. This girl knows what she is talking about and was pretty descriptive about her story on how she lost her Bull, visited her astrology aunt in Romania and got her Bull back with her help. I li
Especially men, but I also would like to hear about women with this placement.. I know many Aquarius moon people but they have had water suns (Pisces and Scorpio). Very deep feeling people but they are able to shut their emotions off and detach once h
I invited my Taurus over for dinner, which he stated that he would show up at 6. I went shopping earlier that day and spent the rest of the day cooking. I made a really nice meal for him as a friendly gesture. I called at 2:30 to confirm and he claimed th
What's your views on Gemini's?
ok so i need all the help i can get to understand this stubborn taurus male. I met him through mutual friends and we had a thing going on for a month, i rushed things being the impatient libra i am and scared him off to the point where he started to avoid
Hello fellow Taurus people, When you're getting to know a guy/girl in the dating world, what does it take for your "walls" to come down faster and allow them in? Is it the amount of trust that you value the most? How you feel about the person? Wha
I'm a Scorpio, I want to be closer in my relationship but don't now how stop feeling so scad of getting close to my partner. What do I do? Dating a Tarsus...
Do you like to eat in a bar? If I invite a Taurus woman (on her birthday), to eat some snacks and drink something, will she accept it? I'm asking, because I think Taurus people like expensive and refined places ... So I do not know. And I do not feel

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Or do you dance like a goofy person in heat? Do you ever dance even though you CAN'T dance? lmfao. If you can dance, do you dance all seriously like you're doing full on choreography like a crazy person? :P Explain your dancing ways ~ https://ww
Wondering if this would produce two people who had similar "love languages" and went at the same pace, or a total disaster of chasing and backing off. I only recently met this guy, but AGAIN he's got a damn Scorpio Moon (last two guys I've dated over
I feel like caps have an effect of being a good influence to certain people and bring out threat truth in a person and that's amazing
https://www.dxpnet.com/opinion/miscellaneous/what-ego-death-actually-is-7926165/ I got to page 2 and realized I was losing the ability to do simple math. Read it to your own peril.
What's up with Taurus moon/Scorpio sun combo chooses Scorpio sun women? is it the Mars too and the Venus. When astrologers say that for men it's the Venus and Moon for long term durability, I noticed a pattern, with Taurus moon, their long ter
Are there scorpios who tend to be very narcissistic? Why is that?
My Aquarian man took a step further by inviting me to an outing with some of his friends. That same night he noticed me and asked if I was ok. I guess he asked this b/c he was paying more attention to his friends than me. He looked me in my eyes and a
Has or is anyone dating a libra man? Long story short with mine... We dated for half a year. He lost a family member really close to him. He left me for one of his friends and dated her for two months. After the left her he told me he realized what he ha
Found new sounds. https://youtu.be/WZ3e8fvUIoI Worried moon shining bright Can I sleep here tonight right beside you? I got a long way to go I'll be off in the morning And I hope but I don't know If she will have me back again Or only want m
I am dating an aquarius who broke up with his ex in December because he was afraid of commitment and she wanted to get married. He misses her and says she was 'perfect'. Is there no chance here for me? Does he need time and it is possible for him to like
For me: Kavinsky 'Nightcall' - always gets me, if I´m alone. Just saw the movie agian yesterday, and I just keep seing that scene from the elevator, when I hear that song. Something about that whole thing is for some reason extremely sad or heartfelt to m
There is a plethora of people whose mißsion is to put others down.
I've been getting to know this Virgo women for a few months now.. it seems a couple times before she would give off intense flirtatious type behaviours but then seemed a bit reserved & standoffish later on.. help?