Tell me about Taurus man / Taurus Woman

By ParkourlerFebruary 20, 2018 10:26am — 13 replies
Learn more about the compatibility between Taurus and Taurus.

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are the men too much for the women to handle as well https youtu be wnkrrzmlbsc alot of people think hes hurt because she doesnt want to give him a baby she doesnt think they are ready yet as a couple
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so taureans any of you are dating another taurus mind to share how the relationship is like married dating engaged are both very stubborn age doesnt matter right hahah
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can i read experiences and would you list your ascendant moon and venus
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horus 05 19 mr d 04 21 sun 28 10 taurus sun 01 34 taurus moon 20 16 taurus moon 14 17
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ive got a question - do you taureans get along with other taureans from what ive read of your posts you seem to be just peachy buuuuut i dont seem to get along with them for some reason im not able to pinpoint it maybe its different in e