URGENT! Taurus men how do you feel about leo women

I would like to know if their are any Taurus men that have dated a Leo female.How did the relationship work out and how did you feel about leo women that you've come by in the past.
43 years old male
Sun in Taurus Moon in Libra Ascendant in Leo
I'm a Taurus male.

I've dated Leo females. BEST sex. Great chemistry. It's a fun relationship that has no hope of lasting too long. Leo will get bored or somewhat tied down by Taurus, unless Taurus keeps her ego boosted with lots of attention.

I say have fun with it while it lasts. Enjoy the sex.
I am a Taurus female and was with a Leo male for 6 years (how we lasted that long God only knows!).

Now I?m not sure about the Leo females but I can agree with Ferdinand when he says the sex with a Leo is great. Ladies, you will not be disappointed, they are very adventurous and daring lovers . . . be sure to get lots of sleep! (please note that I said LOVERS as sadly that?s where it ends!).

Leo?s have an air about them which demands respect, they feel that they are superior beings and I have found most Leo males to have a chauvinistic viewpoint. This for a Taurus female can become somewhat overbearing, as we struggle to ?keep it real? in the ?fake/superficial? Leo world. The Taurus nature seeks balance, tranquillity and stability which is contrary to the Leo nature that needs to be worshipped, praised and patted on the head in order to survive (somewhat like a dog!). Leos are very dominant individuals and if you allow it, you will become their doormat...(sorry if I?ve offended some of you Leos ? but you know its true!)

So basically, Leos needs praise/attention in order to survive. Taurus needs stability, love and understanding. If you can find a way to combine the two ? GREAT! If not, get out while you still can ? have u ever seen a lion and a bull in a fight? :-)

Hope that helps...
37 years old female from Canada
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haha, ya NO Leo's for me!

Maybe that only applies to the men. The girls seem to be awesome people. Good luck!
Thanks guys/girls for the info. But how would you know if a Taurus is in love with you if they hide their feelings?
37 years old female from Canada
Sun in TAURUS Moon in Virgo Mercury in Aries
43 years old male
Sun in Taurus Moon in Libra Ascendant in Leo
Huh. I may be a weird Taurus, because while I do like good food...I can't say its THAT important to me. Not the gourmet stuff, at least--its a bit too rich! And I don't really care that much about chocolate. Or champagne. Weird.

No one answered my question.
I'll try...

Never been with a Leo and am not a Taurus male but I know Tauruses don't like games. Sometimes we can be a bit shy so we might need a little nudge before we open up. We do tend to hide our feelings when we feel vulnerable or dont see any signs of the person taking a liking to us. If there are any games started, I know i will shut the door to letting any true emotions come out.
Thanks taurus lady but i have not played any games he knows that i really like him but could it be that i am in a relationship with someone else
39 years old female from Ohio, USA
MINE 5/9/1978 11:21p.m. Sun Taurus 19.08 Ascendant Sagittarius 26.54 Mo
MM....... I'm a female Taurus, "how would you know if a Taurus is in love with you if they hide their feelings?" We only hide our feelings when we're not sure how you feel about us, we have a lot of pride & we'll do anything to preserve that, being rejected is not something we like to risk happening.

"could it be that i am in a relationship with someone else" YES, well for me anyway. 1st of all there are two things I will not share, my food & my love interest. If I can't have those two things to myself I'd just assume not have them at all. 2nd I don't know about my fellow Taurus people but for me, If I know that someone I like is involved with someone else I won't even go there. It's not cool to enter into someone else's territory & I know I wouldn't appreciate someone doing that to me, so that's a big no-no. Hope that helped
39 years old female from Ohio, USA
MINE 5/9/1978 11:21p.m. Sun Taurus 19.08 Ascendant Sagittarius 26.54 Mo
Chebur, If you've been pursuing him for a year & he doesn't appear to like you back, in fact he acts like he doesn't care.....well then he doesn't. You can't make someone like you, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, just that your not right for him. I'd say move on to someone else. Sorry
I'm still on the fence about dating Leo men since this "casual" thing I've been doing; however, I don't think anything bad about Leo males or females. I did have one close girlfriend who was a Leo, and yes she was sensational/dramatic, attention seeking, man hungry and off the wall, but I loved that about her
She loved that I'm NOT an attention seeker, wasn't dramatic (allowed her to have all the attention) and wasn't man hungry. I realized that we complimented one another because she'd have flocks of men, and so would I. There was no competition between us, and she knew I didn't lie or take any $ hit from anybody, so she respected me immensely and vice versa. It's all about respect for me. I give it, and I expect it.
34 years old male from Fairfax, VA
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I'd agree with CanTaur. If someone is involved with someone else that's a big no. Don't want other people doing that to me so I won't do it to others, regardless of if I know them or not. Sadly, the opposite isn't always true. It's just a personal code of honor I hold myself to.

And with what Ferdy said, not sure if it's something typical of fire signs liking to come and go as they please. Would like to think after being together for awhile I'd get used to but not so sure, think it might just bug me too much.
Hey Chocolate!
I will tell you after this weekend...lol. I'll know more of which way I want to go; however, I have to agree with Ferdy regarding the need of Leo's to "come and go" as they please. Don't get me wrong, I don't need, nor do I want someone who has to report their every movement. We're all (presumably) adults, and need to conduct ourselves as such. I have a saying, "I don't babysit any man, if you want a babysitter, you better pay somebody $ 10 an hour to watch your a $ $ . That's not my job!" For me, little things go a long way. I don't need someone pledging their undying love for me; climbing up a scaffold to play me a song on a guitar, or any other such things. Just simple little sporadic acknowledgements that you are "thinking" about me or "miss me" are good. I had a boyfriend in college who would sneak little bags of m&m's into a book bag w/a little note for me, or he'd leave a rose on my car seat (he had a key to my car). He didn't have to leave a note, cause I knew it was from him. It doesn't take much, but what I don't like is feeling like I have to pry information out of someone or that I have to put my a $ $ on the line all the time(I know, that damn Taurus pride ) before I get something back. I don't know who said it (I'm sure many people have), but Leo's can be a lot of work, and I just have to decide if I want to sign up for all that, or not. I gotta' s*it or get off the pot !

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