A Night(s) at the Opera #10: All My Children

By AfternoonDelights22July 9, 2020 7:15am — 15 replies

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A Night(s) at the Opera #9: One Life to Live
now entering lianview arguably the american soap opera that pushed the most boundaries the most in its day for better amp for worse these could be a rocky one to post with not too much to post in the 80s from youtube but still gonna try january
A Night(s) at the Opera #8: EastEnders
while i m feeling the soap opera wave for a few weeks again before i get burnt out until september i want to dive into more soaps also want to dive into british soap operas starting with eastenders february 19 1985 https i imgur com brpuhop
Love, Victor on Hulu
omg they better give us season 2 oh and victors dad could get it
90 Days Fiance Tell All
did you watch it what are your thoughts tom is caps figured hes earth but the sass hes showing im not familiar with in caps that down to earth behaviour is very much earth behaviour usman deserves better lisa is like angela loudmouth th
A Night(s) at the Opera #7: As the World Turns
its finally time to visit oakdale arguably the best soap opera of the mid and late 90s december 24 1985 it s christmas eve in oakdale lily gets a huge christmas present as dusty returns to town frannie played by julianne moore celebrates her b
90 Days Fiance
does anyone watch it im wondering which sign tom has im leaning to an earth sign
Into the Night(s) #2: Survivor
survivor season 1 borneo episode 1 the marooning https i imgur com z93uqvo jpg https www hulu com watch 787b49f5-91b3-4bdb-a079-4eb590b9dcdd https www cbs com shows survivor video lwi2btwhoufpij ddhrqkzrfsywyshq survivor-borneo-the-marooning
Hollywood on Netflix
i didnt know rock hudson was gay
Tales from the Loop (2020)
https i imgur com eio3tao jpg anyone else binging inspired by simon st lehags picture book that blends rural swedish 80s settings with sci-fi imagery turned out quite nice as sort of a softer cousin to black mirror set in anytown usa canada
What's your favorite 'Real Housewives' city?
because everyone has one https media giphy com media qibylntkmjb6w giphy gif