The wound is where light enters. Don't let the dark of your past consume the kindness that remains in your heart. Do wh
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It's been a while since we've spoken. Parts of you reflect back at times, it's a constant reminder that you are part of
lip- lithe crescent- press betwixt lay furtive kingdoms touch reams petals bare
Hello, Could someone tell me please, how to delete a tipic here ( a topic posted by me). Thank you ! :)
Morning Sun (a nothingness I wrote this morning, and have no one to share with.) In the morning I can feel my body a
i dont sleep anymore. . . i cant remember why i do it in the first place theres emptiness inside. . .i deposit books i
the look you gave me from the far side of your world your eyes are the deepest sky the saddest light they are the
???you are a horse running alone and he tries to tame you compares you to an impossible highway to a burning house s
who do you think are underrated poets no poets from our time from about the 60s backward you can also just mention o
we're happy and we dance along side by side in our own seperate worlds that have converged and aligned for a moment enou
it's all a tumultuous view captured in a portrait of complexity frozen still. if there is one thing i can count on is t
once upon a time small fate happened we'd hardly even noticed as this exists against all odds two paths crossed acro
this is a long road... a long long road. it's telling me it will be tough in it's lines and contours disappearing in th
cases I was looking into a mirror today for quite awhile. Not fixing my hair, doing my makeup, admiring or critiquing m

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Iā€™m a Pisces woman! My strongest connection was with a Scorpio.... What is your zodiac sign ? and the person who you had a strong connection with? Are you still involved? Did it end badly or was it mutual breakup?
that it would be hard to get a read on them or understand their motivations or choices may come off almost irrational
whether it by guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, etc.
Something as simple as sitting next to you and noticing you slowly getting closer to me until your shoulder touches mine, I move closer to allow you into my space and lean in and rest my head on your shoulder. I'm opening my heart and soul to you. šŸ’•
What makes you snap,go crazy, angry,... How do you act in relationships?
Is there someone around here who has their Venus in 9th house? I found some interpretation about this and it says people with this aspect have tendency to fall in love with someone from different culture and marry in another country. If you have this aspe
What problems did you have? What was your fav cartoon character? What was your GREATEST fear? What did you wish you were better at? What were you great at? What did you and your friends enjoy? And what was your happiest memory? What a
tricksters of the zodiac for nothing.
hey everyone! i've been studying about astrology and i love linking my birthchart details with my current situation and extracting the best outcome, so i was hoping if anyone could guide me on how to see higher education typically masters in engineering f
Hey Scorpio Moons... Which placements do you find irritating/annoying or unlikable for any other reason.. and what's the reason?
I need help. Met this cancer man in September for business, i was official through it all stating the reasons why i called and messaged it was strictly business. Hellos and enquiries here and there until November when things changed, he called me to ta
A very long story this is, but almost like it was fated. We met online on a dating app, just a few days before I wanted to delete the account. I fell in love with her by the third message. She was everything I hoped for. In healthcare, plays music, loves