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I slip a white hand reverently over the calm glass of the water Palm out my fingers gently stroke the surface, breaking
I see that impression of us in the air, Of were we used to go where we used to stare, I wish things were the way they
My heartbreak is now the past,when it calls the number has changed,it can no longer get in touch with me Money is of li
I sit cross legged on the floor Cradling to myself What others perceive as a simple marble Swirls of Ocean Greens, b
Blind,all i heard was the shot,i did not see the man who shot the pistol to start the race Blind,all i felt was the imp
I have a novel manuscript of a high-flying and fun reincarnational adventure, full of poetry and new-age themes. It is
Another day another death I go to the church a friend has passed away They lay him to rest in this holy ground
I have long since felt a gnawing at my core being. I have been stricken and dressed with irrational and unwanted emotion
you were my queen, and i was to keep you close now, you're as distant as a hollow ghost. i stare at these empty souls
Scared to grab the pen because the ink will bleed feelings that have long been concealed Scared to give you my heart
I never said it would be easy to give me your deeply wounded heart,You think your the only one who is skeptical of true
What causes an honest man to tell a bold face lie? What causes a heartless killer to sit in a 6x9 cement confine and
When you convince a man against his will, Though he is of the same opinion still. -Unknown
6th August by Arthur Leggatt Some of you young folk sicken me When you survey the past from here - today. Ignor
The sun shines in a purple haze Upon my once beautiful face. Dreams lay Dead, my glazed eyes lost in a maze The suns
see our hands come together in the gloom? i to you, you to me and so we collide seamlessly. there's no secret to the
i speak to you in rough tongue savagery barely restrained how dare you? open me thus wide and escape in a rumble of d
All I wanted was someone to approve,instead they told me i write dark,disturbed,and that i need help for various mental
leaving everything and everyone i knew all because the decision made by you you complain and are scared because of the
I feel confined in my heart shaped box Beating very slowly, fading fast.... There is no sunshine where I am.... Stand
Here I sit, mind drifting Imagining how things will be, what they can be. What will your eyes do when you see me befor
When the day of judgment comes,i hope the angels know me on a first name basis,a chance to encounter a place with no vin
Gaddafi is gone and they sent him away so sad because i wish he could've stayed our politicians call him a tyrant and

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This isn't my first time on this board searching for some clarity about taurus guy- this taurus guy is still confusing as F!!! We go way back more than a year now of on and off talking/texting/ went on a few dates, and every single time was beyond magical
one piece of your chart that you are most proud of and that makes you unique especially in relationships with significant others
.Hi I'm making a new love horoscope story It' is a continuation of my resent story of Capricorn male and Pisces female, Scorpio and Taurus , Libra, Leo Cancer, and Virgo, Aquarius and Gemini I'm thinking of doing the other horoscopes as well. If yo
this cap guy who's a friend has been really nice and he helps me with a lot of stuff especially school work. he made me mochi..really cute rice cakes with different colours. then I ate them all. but idk what to make him he is allergic to oil, dairy pro
I'm not asking you guys what to say; I know what I want to say when I ask for her hand. I just want to know how I should go about presenting my proposal. Sags are lighthearted, easy on the emotions, so I don't want to bog the moment down with sappy drawn
Can we ever be free or is the desire to be free because this life is temporary?
They don't easily change their ideas. We're in the MC, it's the career, solid, stable, it's like the culmination of fixed signs. People often confuse cappies with scorpios, and cappies and leos are often rivals. I think the high point of the zodiac sees
So a couple days ago Cap Man wakes me up in the middle of the night declaring he is "coming home to me, done feeling sorry for himself. On his way!". He comes over, sits me down, gets on his knees to my level and tells me he is falling in "in lo
Can I get some tips on how to act and how to further attract an Aquarius man? He already likes me brain wise lol and physical wise and although I know that they don't commit because hi is 50 and single and childless, but I at least would like to date him
I was looking through celebrity charts and I saw Faith Hill's placements and I realized that she's probably got the most similar to mine- Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Leo venus and though she doesn't have Libra mars, she's got Libra mercury. Plus she's Neptune
I forgot to do this. [IMG][/IMG]
i'm a 3rd house dominant but i dont feel good at communication, what's does it mean to be 3rd house dominant ?
Keeps asking to hang out. He is one aggressive, funny fun man. Thinking I'll give it a shot feel.about sag women?
Keeps asking to hang out. He is one aggressive, funny fun man. Thinking I'll give it a shot feel.about sag women?
Keeps asking to hang out. He is one aggressive, funny fun man. Thinking I'll give it a shot feel.about sag women?
I'm a Pisces sun Leo rising Aquarius moon He's a Virgo sun Aquarius rising Gemini Moon