• Anger

    There is a beast locked within me. Its cage bar are thin. deep inside it lays within.
  • Requiem of a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream; souls lost, but never forgotten. Saved once but long ago. By one whom have passed forth. U
  • Imagination

    What's on your mind? Give me a good story.
  • A season or a reason or a lesson

    You came because I willed you, I was lonely and I didn't want to be anymore I didn't feel you at all at first But I ca
  • we are watching the moon

    we are watching the moon in our sleep, we try to see the world through a kaleisescope of colors and i'd lock you up in
  • poeme

    if i were to write a poem for you it would be completely unusual it would not rhyme it would not be haunted with emot
  • Lessons of Neptune

    This dream within me...persists...with the passion of the arrow. Haunting every thought. The sweetest nightmare. I can'
  • Choosing a Debt Settlement Company

    Today, almost everyone is facing a financial crisis. With the ever changing economy, some failed to immediately adapt w
  • Frustration. Teased Pleasures.

    Imagine... Another day at work, with her hair done up, discreet studs upon her delicate ears, the lady wrapped, b
  • i see death around the corner

    you dont work, you dont treetrunk, you dont do no god dam thing psh, cookiemonster shutup i see death around tha cona, gotta
  • Affinity

    Just a dude Not always at my best I never really know If I???ll past the tests Got to go forth With heart and min
  • The One...for me

    Is it you? Are you...her. You see, I have to ask. This heart of mine is fragile. With each break I must strengthen
  • Letters to the Inside- an experiment in Self Love

    Trial- self love. ( Letter 1) Dear Wag, I've seen you around and you seem like a really awesome person... I have
  • Dont mind me venting

    The wound is where light enters. Don't let the dark of your past consume the kindness that remains in your heart. Do wh
  • Custom Neon Signs

    Neon & More Store your Custom Neon Sign Superstore. Please call 855-NEON-LED (855-636-6533) for answers to your questio
  • Recent Topics

  • Should I text or ghost?

    Met this guy and I really liked him (a whole lot). And could've sworn the feelings were mutual. However, haven't seen him in almost three weeks, hasn't attempted to see me and I have received sporadic texts within these past few weeks. When he texts again
  • Scorpio where do you live?!

    I’m Taurus woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man for 1 year and I need help. I understand the private and secretive nature of Scorpio...I get it and respect it. However, I have never been to my partner’s home, nor will he share with me where he liv
  • In what house is the moon most impulsive ,careless,reckless?

    I myself have always been impulsive since a child i did listen good to my mom until i was angry i would walk away and not come back for hours as i got older i would even disappear for a week or so to get away from the chaotic environment at home. I would
  • What do you guys think about this potential match?

    I slid in this girl DM's and we started texting. Her: Capricorn sun Scorpio rising Pisces Moon Me: Capricorn sun Pisces Rising Scorpio moon It's kinda interesting talking to her cause we're both going through somewhat similar stuff and we
  • Toxic Pairings

    What are the signs/placements of the couple, which you currently know, that is in an obviously toxic relationship? What is it about this relationship that makes it seem toxic? [img]https://i.imgur.com/H1ahfI9l.jpg[/img]
  • Stallone Movie Night

    Over The Top or or... Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot
  • Leo Women Appreciate/Disapproval

    Don't seem to see much topic on Leo women. Curious what are the general opinions of Leo women. Do men like to date Leo women? What are the things you like/dislike about Leo women? Feel free to share, Leo forum is oh-so-quiet....
  • Workaholics

    If you are in a marriage/relationship with a workaholic, would their obsession with their work be a deal breaker?
  • Music from the late 90's to early 2000's

    I took this night to listen to some old music from maybe between 1996 to around 2003. And after listening to it for a bi
  • is it worth to increase my value in his eyes?

    Hello, how can i increase value in men's eyes? It dont ask this question in astrological way. I am just curious of your opinion. I struggle with getting/having a man. I have standards but i do not behave like a queen bee or an ice queen. ALl of my
  • Inconjunct and Yod in your chart!

    If you have it, post your chart. I won't write a general description here but I will give a interpretation based on your chart. Inconjunct and yods are difficult energies.i have covered inconjuncts last year, so I'm looking to see few yods. And stop
  • Best way to discipline a Sagittarius child? (Girl)

    A friend of mine is trying to figure out how to discipline her sag daughter. She's 10 and was texting some boy talking about how she wanted to kiss him and telling the boy to say he loves her and said she has kissed a lot of boys and tells the boy she's j
  • I'm super confused Leo man at work says he likes me

    I say thank you because I'm unsure how to answer that. I can feel him starring at me and when I finally make eye contact with him I feel like something is about to happen he gets super close to me and in my mind I'm like OMG does he want to kiss me what
  • Libra Female Movie Character

    Libra ladies.. which movie character do you mostly identify with.. as in traits, actions, personality etc? Name the movie as well :)