Aquarius & Taurus Two fixed signs. The bull and the water bearer. An earth and an air sign. In my series on compatibility across the zodiac, I believe that any two signs can come together for a match, but it's a matter of understanding how that pai
Aquarius & Scorpio If you are a Scorpio or Aquarius, or even a rookie in astrology, you've probably heard some of the rumors about this water sign meets wind sign pairing. A lot of astrologers will go on autopilot and tell you the best compatibility is
Hey, I'm a Leo girl and I've dated an Aquarius man for 4 months and an half, he's my university colleague. We were really attracted to each other so one month after we first met he asked me to go out with him and we decided to be together. Everything was
Aquarius & Cancer My initial thoughts on a Cancer and Aquarius pairing is it comes off with a lot of yin. Cancer is moody and fits a lot of the spiritual metaphors found in looking at the moon. Aquarius is full of energy that it hides, it is highly
Both my mom and my oldest sister are aquarists abd both barely socialize outside of our family. My sister more so than my mother, but even her barely. The problem isn't making friends. They are both very sophisticated and charming and people actually are
Is this a good idea to do?? Yes, he did something that made me so darn mad at him earlier today. We've been together as friends for almost a year and just recently became exclusive :-) Because he has made me mad and I don't voice my madness to him, Now I
okay so I met this Aquarius guy through my best friend on February 2016. As soon as he saw me he couldn't take his eyes off me. We were all hanging out at his apartment and he would leave the kitchen to go sit with me on the couch and he would just talk a
Aquarius & Leo Two fixed signs, the heart of winter and the heart of summer. A union of opposites and a union of surprising similarities. One is the sun, one is the moon. Perfect masculine energy with perfect feminine energy. A burst of creativity, stu
Ask away! Nothing is taboo here. I'll respond as fast as I'll be able to. Aqua board needs some competition.
aquarians are so damn cold and communicate naturally with everybody, so how can i know if I'm special somehow to them?
How to attract an aqua guy? (high school) conversation starters, things to avoid and how to get them to open up? I think he has a taurus moon
So, just like most Aquas I'm confused about my feelings. I don't know if any other placement affects this as well but I just have trouble expressing my feelings when I like someone but I'm like a butterfly around him, this clearly shows that I like him be
How to attract an aquarius? Convo starter tips and what things to avoid? how to get closer to an aquarius?
He didn't do anything at all for me... no wine.. no presents no cake... just a happy birthday song he sang to me at midnight.. n on top of that, i felt his distant since last time we met.. colder and colder... also, saw a lubricant in his jacket which we I know this will create some frictions here and there, and that's why I'm posting this. Not because I don't think it's true, but it was funny how once again someone describes loners as not sexy
Share your thoughts on anything.
Im curious about the magnetism (unless Im the only poor sucker feeling it--aqua venus after all) and some other similarities in the dynamic and am looking for experiences by other Caps or Aquas. Im mainly interested in romantic relationships, but it could
So my boyfriend is a sagittarius but he has a capricorn moon. I am a cancer sun with a aquarius moon. he and i get along super well when it comes to most things because we think a lot alike but there are definitely times i find myself starting to get bore
Hey I have been posting here for a while regarding my Aqua ex and our break up which happened in September last year. A friend of mine at work who sits next to my ex asked her today why me and her don't talk anymore. According to him she got q
Hey aquas. I am having a really hard time right now. I very seldom try to rely on others for emotional support, but when I do need them it's nearly impossible for me to explain, I flounder and get overwhelmed by the emotions. I will most likely close this
Do you feel that way when someone isn't chasing you?
We have so many Aqua chicks on these boards that are just...mind numbing... can't even make up words to describe... friggen gorgeous. Can you please tone it down a bit? :( You guys are insanely hot. We get it. We don't want any casualties though.

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Say your gf left her mobile phone in your presence for the day-would you feel tempted to have a nosey? Have you ever done this? Did you find anything and how did you feel about doing it?
Hi All, Ok so questions... I hear the top 5 planets when determining if a relationship will be successful is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.... Venus and Mars standing out more. I'm coming across guys who have harmonious and compatible Suns wi
I really am baffled right now that I'm looking at my chart again from extended astrodienst chart. It says: I have Asc in sag but MC in Leo (sag 4 deg, leo 27 deg) and also am confused as to why now my 11th house is in virgo (29 deg) and house 3 in
how emotional does this placement make you? does it make you emotional? any stories
at this point I have this anticipation and the answer can make things go south I'm really hoping I get the answer that will make me happy and I'm really dreading if this answer is the opposite of happiness. Today I need good vibes please send me good v
What do you make of this aspect
i have a partner, but i just curious what sign is the best for me based on my natal chart. like who should i date? everyone is welcomed. chart is in Placidus. Thanks.
I am very attracted to a taurus woman since 3years now,I exposed my feelings for her but she is in a relationship,at some point,two months after she made her new relationship, we made a chat and she was asking me about my feelings and why i am so persiste
This girl who is being set up with me wants me to go to her house 1st 1-2 hrs away to meet her parents or sit and talk in her living room or have instant Nescafe coffee and pandesal
Can anybody please help me interpret this reading? I would really appreciate it. View post on
What are some birthday gifts you've loved or would like to receive from a friend?
Just wondering if y'all could explain this. To my knowledge I've fornicated with two scorpios who had the same planetary placements, except different moon & mercury's. I'll refer to them as A & B, and post their charts in the next post. So Scorpio A i
Hi, I'm a Scorpio woman, I don't know how to explain my feeling now, I broke up with my ex 4 months ago, our relationship was with a lots drama and hurt, our love was so strong, but in the end only have lie and betray, I still can't move on. I've been dat
Have you ever had a group of girlfriends that you no longer wanted to be close with? We have a group chat and I've started to respond less and waiting longer between messages. I want to 'break up: - I don't want to have a big confrontation - For
Have you ever had a group of girlfriends that you no longer wanted to be close with? We have a group chat and I've started to respond less and waiting longer between messages. I want to 'break up: - I don't want to have a big confrontation - For
Placements or aspects would make a person fully aware of someone else was attracted to them?
Recently I have noticed that I have been attracting and attracted to a lot of Venus in leo men. Does anyone have any experience with Venus in leo men? What is the best approach with them?