Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

By newtothisMay 29, 2022 9:59pm — 62 replies
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Aquarius Mooching?
every aquarius i ve met mostly the males but i ve met one female that thinks it s all good to live life mooching off of others like it s a game to win a prize i know there are higher vibrational aquas though i ve met one out of about 10 so yeah one
Am I reading it right
hello all i m back about the aquarius and seeking confirmation me and this aqua are people who have mutual friends we started to chat online and over the last month we ve gone from sometimes saying hello to talking everyday morning and night my fri
As an
aqua venus 11th house venus especially when you were younger have you ever knowingly unknowingly suppressed a desire s coz social reasons so much so that you started to have dreams and premonitions centered on them which led you in a situation t
Current Aquarius Mars Conjunct Saturn Transit
helo fellow aquarians where art thou it s been an unusually rough mental and emotional past week for me the other day i randomly check out the astrologer i follow and she mentions how the current aquarius mars conjunct saturn transit is highly aggressi
What makes it obvious
hello all just curious as to what y all think the obvious signs are that an aqua likes someone online may i add not irl
Ex Aquarius Returns
i posted in january about my ex aquarius ending things with me due to trust and insecurity amongst us i have been getting back to healing ex traveling meeting new friends getting back to my hobbies self love etc i have received a text a couple w
Trying to figure something out
hello i m a gemini female who s not had many encounters with aquarians just a few when i was younger i made friends with a male aquarius and we started to talk alot he however started dating my friend which i was like eh she was a frenemy tbh anyw
My almost sexless relationship. How can I get the spark back?
my bf and i have been dating almost a year april 17 and he is the best man ive ever dated i love him deeply and i could really see my future with him hes very attentive patient and loving he spoils me from expensive dates amp gifts to trips out
Aquarius partner…
how do you know when it s time to move in with aquarius partner he is so open discusses finances even hinted if i was ready to move and always brings it up in some way also is it normal to hear i trust you out of aquarius s mouth
Aquarius inquiries…
so my partner and i have been together now for about 7 months and he recently said i m not sure if you ready to move meaning he s been opening up more about about finances and his birthday is valentine s day and i m stuck on what to do exactly and i m