Aquarius man

By lilliverpoolsangelDecember 3, 2015 3:07am — 39 replies
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Aquarius man , always cold or exceptions ?
ive met an aquarius man but hes not cold towards me actually the complete opposite he invited me out to coffee he joked around alot and then touched my hand while laughing he then asked me why my hand was so cold and proceeded to hold it to warm it up l
Aquarius Man
just a sort of general question about aquarius men i have many aquarius women in my life and the men seem to be similar but i cant quite figure this one out we met years ago through mutual friends and were both in relationships but hit it off wel
Aqua kids
did you all come off as possible future psychopaths or is it just this one i know its more than sun and environmental influence just curious
Aquarius man breaking my Libra heart :(
we were friends colleagues for three years and finally saw each other after a long separation in late august very quick intense amazing transition from friendship to something more very close intense intimate sex good times together like we had
Aquas- Have you ever boycotted a business?
i am curious if this is an aquarius thing if you have a negative experience at a certain store or restaurant such as a sarcastic sales person or a slow waiter etc would you boycott that business from then on or if its a chain store boycott every
Caught offguard.Feeling Vulnerable.Please Help.
offlate i had mentioned that my aqua was growing emotionally close but physically distant i wanted to be intimate last time though but he wasnt ready which kinda upset me a little he tried to convince me but i didnt listen however towards the end i sai
Do Aqua men ever "get their shit together"?
ive met several aqua men in my life dated 2 almost a 3rd recently but decided im not over my cancer guy plus this new aqua bums me out everything was fine we have fun talking on the phone and texting but cant spend more than an hour in each other
need advice from aqua men
few questions have any of you dated a leo women how is was it im in love with an aqua man but its proven to be pretty difficult but the heart wants what it wants do you like being pursued or pursuing how much space do you actually need want fr
Something is bothering me but I'll tell you later
firstly happy thanksgiving to all my american friends im away for the thanksgiving break last night aqua and i were texting and i asked him how he was doing i asked is everything ok he told me not really but ill be fine i just need some ti