Dark Necessities

By AerazoApril 13, 2017 5:21am — 9 replies
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What does it mean if he takes hours to text back?
Hello everyone! I went on a date yesterday with an Aquarius man. He was really affectionate with me, we laughed a lot, i was quite confident around him and he was interested in me. We tried to go to the cinema after but it was too late. When I got home h
Aqua man disappearance and paranormal activity
“We are all aliens” …or maybe just Mac users, lol Last week Aqua emailed me to invite me for lunch, which is supposed to take place tomorrow. However, no details have been discussed and I cannot get hold of him! In his email, he said that he changed hi
As the dumper how would you feel if your ex moved on....
Hi Just after some insight. If you as an aqua dumped your partner only to find out months later that they have moved on (you have as well), how would you react to it, if you had a very good relationship and you had told your partner you loved them
Feeling drained lately
These last two weeks I've been feeling so drained, no energy for anything but work and my kids. took 2 trips to relax but still come back to the same feeling. Sleeping issues too. I've been disconnected from friends, social media, even family members.
Silent treatment ?
Hello everybody I have been looking at this site for years but just now joined, to ask you aquarius ppl something. I have a cousin who is a aquarius. We have been SO close, just like sisters since we were born. Im 29 and she is 28. We were best fri
Ended it with my Aqua guy
I wanted to thank everyone for the honesty and support about my situation with the Aqua guy. Though he changed his number, I found a way to still message him - I stated that I adored him and loved every moment we had together, but he needed to love himse
How to end things properly with an Aqua guy?
Many of you know or have read my situation with my Aqua guy. I love this man very much, but he has a lot of emotional stress that he needs to figure out. He is at a very delicate stage of his life right now. He asked to be alone for the next two day
Is an Aqua done with someone when they initiate the ending of two?
I originally posted this yesterday... But at the bottom, new things had developed since then. *UPDATE* Things unfolded in the past two days (Friday/Saturday)... His ex took over his phone and deleted my number and even went on his Facebook page an
The way to an aqua's heart....
Be aloof af. Distant detached with lots of mystique.. So essentially be exactly like them. Works like a charm.
A better friend for Aquarius..
Do Aquarius men usually reach out to others when they're in a funk? An Aquarius in my life just sent me a message yesterday asking how I was doing and said that he wasn't doing so well. Unfortunately, I was out of town and my phone had died. So, I didn't