Ended it with my Aqua guy

By MilaniKissesApril 11, 2017 2:50pm — 15 replies
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How to end things properly with an Aqua guy?
many of you know or have read my situation with my aqua guy i love this man very much but he has a lot of emotional stress that he needs to figure out he is at a very delicate stage of his life right now he asked to be alone for the next two day
Is an Aqua done with someone when they initiate the ending of two?
i originally posted this yesterday but at the bottom new things had developed since then update things unfolded in the past two days friday saturday his ex took over his phone and deleted my number and even went on his facebook page an
The way to an aqua's heart....
be aloof af distant detached with lots of mystique so essentially be exactly like them works like a charm
A better friend for Aquarius..
do aquarius men usually reach out to others when theyre in a funk an aquarius in my life just sent me a message yesterday asking how i was doing and said that he wasnt doing so well unfortunately i was out of town and my phone had died so i didnt
Stood up by Aqua Guy
i have known this aqua for a very long time and we have kind of dated on off for 6 years i dont know if i want a relationship with him but i do enjoy seeing him we have had problems because i do not initiate contact enough due to his flaky nature i u
when aqua didn't show up
i had a commited relationship with an aqua for almost 9 month we didnt meet very often as we are busy with work and taking care our own kids a few days ago i told him why he never make any plan to meet me its always me whi asking if we supposed to me
Are Aquarius men manipulative
if so how do you push through the manipulation
Just another Aquarius man....another girl seeking answers
any help is appreciated very much please take a moment to let you know what my reality currently looks like this is the first aquariuan i have ever dated and let me tell you when they disappear it can be so mentally exhausting for me being
Currently Listening to....
post your music https youtu be 6gtpw4nb3ro
Aquarius and Manipulation
hi all so many of you know that i had been dating an aqua guy that i absolutely adored well were no longer together because he left me for his pregnant ex gf since the breakup we had still chatted on and off a bit well last night when i called