Venus in Aries

By taurusgirl9000March 25, 2019 7:23am — 41 replies
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are these people as romantic and passionate as the descriptions indicate never dated anyone with this placement until recently experiences
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asking libras here where your venus is and what house do you feel venusian how many relationships have you been in also what is your dominant modality and do you get along better with those of similar energy
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due to their extremely critical nature is it likely that this could be the case and does a virgo moon making an aspect to virgo venus make this planet even more likely
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with my venus in aquarius every girl who has aquarius uranus in a degree close to mine makes a contact with me so far ive noticed theres usually always something there supported by other aspects asc conjunct sun sun trine venus etc but am i reall
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i wanna know about venus in gemini my fianc was born under cancer sun sign and his venus sign in gemini i wanna know more about venus in gemini does anyone here have answers thank you
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my sun sign is capricorn with moon in pisces and my fianc sun sign is cancer with moon in aries my venus in capricorn and his venus sign is gemini my mars sign is scorpio and i think if im not mistaken his mars sign in aries are we compatible i heared
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i wanna know everything about this placement how do they love and what do they need to feel loved