how to get my cancer man back?? help!

I am a leo woman and I was in a serious relationship with a Cancer man for almost 2 years. Sometime in the middle of the
I am a leo woman and I was in a serious relationship with a Cancer man for almost 2 years. Sometime in the middle of the relationship he broke up with me and exactly 1 month later he came begging me to take him back. We've had our share of arguements and everytime I threatened to break up with him he came crawling back. Once we began fighting and arguing sooo often I decided that we really needed time apart and I broke up with him. The next day I called him and picked up my stuff... he admitted to me that he was hoping I was actually coming by to get back together with him. He even called in sick to work because I guess it had a huge impact on him. After a couple of months passed I realized I was in love with him and we went out for coffee and I tried to get back with him. He told me he isn't sure what he wants and he doesn't know if he still loves me.

After being broken up with him for about 6 months I got with a new guy who I was with for only 4 months. I broke it off with the new guy because I am still crazy in love with the ex (cancer). My ex knows that I am single now and we talk once in a while but only when we run into one another on campus. I'm dying to get him back but I'm afraid of getting rejected. What should I do. How should I approach everything? Ohh and I forgot to mention his parents no longer want him to have anything to do with me...
YO check it.. He's a cancer... You don't need much strat to get him back. because he'll be crawling back. And that's a fact because he's a cancer. So bust a mack attack on this cancer you want back. YoyoyoyoyOYoYoyOyOoooooo I can rap!
we'll not really I just bullbutter rap..

I'm a cancer and I some times play hard to get but really I'm not. Because I still like her. I like the attention. We wont go to far with the hard to get act tho. Here's my advice.. have you seen friends? huh huh? well. Alright listen very carefully for I am about to tell you a secret on how to get your man back.. just say

How you dooooin. with a flirt smile works every timmmmmme! if you don't know how its done watch Joey do how he do.

Ok thanks that helps... but do you think the fact that I broke up with him and then got with a new guy after like 6 months will affect anything. Is the fact that I had a bf for 4 months after we broke up gonna affect him wanted to get back with me or not. How do I prove to him that I love him. What can I say?
38 years old female
go for it and get him back, don't think negative, i know that he wasn't happy about you getting another guy but you should not let that be in the way....with cancers you have to show them first, then back your actions up with need to get him to trust you first then it is easy. i'd say that you should be slightly flirty to start of with and then ask him know the rest!!!he felt rejected so don't expect that he will be crawling over from day one, he needs time.i wish you the best of luck, f you need more insite don't hesitate to ask, everybody deserves to be happy(we all make mistakes and may take wrong decisions thatcan be fixed)....
Scorpio thank you so much! He had issues trusting me while we were together (he always suspected that I had something going on with an ex-coworker i no longer talk to). He would always check my phone and stuff... He is 22 and lives at home with his parents who never want to see me in their house again. So its really dificult I think. And I only broke up with the guy of 4 months 2 days ago. Do I give it time before I approach him?? How much time? The reason I broke up with the guy is because I love my ex and he is the only person I truly want to be with. Thanks!
38 years old female
oh bmwlove, i can feel your emotion, and i am sure that he can feel it too, and that helps a lot: cancers sense you before you even get to open your mouth or even when you're not together!!!you need to make it obvious that you are single now, but make sure you stick around, be flirty.....then keep it at the same pase till you can actually get a sign from him, do not respond with rejection if he rejects you, just hang on there and make it obvious what a lovely person you are!!!then ask him out...if you have common friends you can drop some hints to them and i am sure he will get the message!if you need more help please let me know and remember he should not feel any kind of hesitation at all, otherwise he will withdraw in his shell and it will take him longer to decide....i reallyhope i can be of some help
We don't really have any mutual friends (they were all mutual up until we broke up). I talked to one of his friends yesterday and i asked him how my ex is doing and he said "he's solid, he is partying" soo lol that was a bit awkward to hear. I feel like he might be a easily influenced type of guy and if his family and friends don't approve he wont bother but i dunno for sure. I did try getting him back before but he wasnt for it. I know he has not moved on 100% at all. We talked last week when we ran into each other at school and it went pretty well i would say. he even brought up some old funny good memories we shared. He even went as far as saying "we were pretty much married". He's come chasing after me prob 5 times in the past, that was ALWAYS his role. Thats even how we got together to begin with... and a while back he mentioned that for once he would want me to go chasing after him. But taking his advice months back and doing so didnt work. So i am sord of at a loss. He has made it clear that he would not mind a relationship but he hasnt been looking after our break up. He hasnt found the right girl. Is it at all possible he still wants me???
38 years old female
now i can understand why he hasn't initiated any chase, you really hurt him!!!cancers can be very influenced by family and friends!!!cancer men love to chase, so you need to somehow get him in that situation too.of course he would mention memories like so, they always live in the past, especially that it was a good careful cancers can say a lot of things just to test you, and to see your reaction!!!at the moment i think he is still hiding in his shell which is understandable.i'd say that there is still hope but take it slow, don't force things or confront him with things, it is too soon for him....
Yea I'm not good at this... I'm a weird cancer. Oh and not all cancers look up to there families. I'm a one man army that stuff about use being a mummzy boy is not true to "this" cancer. Anyway Look at his moon sign. Also Scorpio how do you know so much about cancers? Oh hey BMW. Bump into him and touch him when you talk to him with a smile. tell him he looks good or something.. butter that's how this Aries girl got my attention and wanting more of it. Check out what I wrote on the Aries wall.
Leokitten, thanks for your advice... but u see I feel like the new relationship was a huge mistake altogether, i wasnt at all over the cancer ex, not even close. I guess i just thought it might make it easier to move on but of course i was very wrong. i only miss him more and there isnt a day that goes by where i dont think about him. my heart goes crazy when we see each other, and he's admitted that he gets that same feeling (we ran into one another last week and talked for 3 hours).

Shishno thank you too, its really nice to hear the input of another cancer male. As far as touching him and smiling i did that. He asked me when we saw each other last week if i liked his new hair cut and i ran my hand thru his head which he seemed to love bcuz he instantly asked me to do it again and we laughed. We then walked back to my car and he put his arm around me for like 2 mins while we walked and it was like the best feeling in the world for me. I felt amazing. He was telling me how he's lost weight and then went on to lift his shirt up to prove it and he wanted me to "feel" his abs LOL... so what does this all mean? go for it?
38 years old female
hey, if hewasn't interested he would not even talk to you let alone wanteing to be touched by you, he is initiating the chase, you need to boost his confidence, you need to assure him that what he is doing is the right thing and that you're there for him, i guess you'll have to keep on bumping to each other like this for a while but don't expect him to take the initiative of asking you out......ask his help with something they like to please/help, he will not say no!!!the answer to your question is:yes, go for it!!!!!
38 years old female
oh my god, please excuse my spelling mistakes....i.e....wanting
38 years old female
on a separate note i think that the arguments that you had were based on a thing called "power struggle", cancers love to dominate and control and leos tend to have a problem with that, one of my best friends was in an 8 year relationship with a cancer guy, all nice and everything apart from these characteristics that drove her crazy, my cancer guy is like that too but unlike her i like it, it makes me feel safe and loved!!!if you get back together i suggest you talk about things that you tend to argue about, you both need to respect each other boundaries and it will work, you can't always get your way, anyway it becomes boring if you do....communication is vital in a relationship as well as mutual respect.however if leokitten is right about "the list with exes" (she tends to be right most of the time, i can tell you from experience)then you are fighting a lost battle because he already sensed it....
Your inn.. Nuff said. Only time will tell until her gets the courage to ask you out.. Us cancers plan things out first how to say it when to say it. Also we would plan so much and think to much we sometimes worry of rejection and never fall threw with the plan. Or you can ask him casually that your going out for a bite. Ask him to join you. and say Come with me. If he likes you he will ditch what ever he had plans that day just to be with you. If he says he has to do something and sounds depressed about it.. Wait a couple of minutes for his call.. He will be sure not to disappoint and show up no matter what! Lets just say I ditch a Audition for a girl... Tho I'm different my Libra moon is a big influence. tho my ascendant in Gemini gives me a witty personality that some people would just find me annoying or funny depending on the person. for example Ashton Kutcher is a ascendant in Gemini.. Good luck with your cancer. Your as good as inn. You have him dreaming of you! We may look like we play hard to get but we are not. There is fast and there is to fast you want to move in casual fast were you look like your still playing hard to get but not. We enjoy the flirt contact and the eye with a smile game. So every time you see him give him a sweet smile that will drop him on his knees. This Aries girl does it to me ALL THE TIME. And she just makes my day a whole lot better. Even if I was having a very bad day that day.
Only time will tell until *he* not her.. Sorry typo wish I can edit these things..
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