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By victoriageminiFebruary 10, 2016 3:42am — 12 replies
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Need a fellow cancers support, losing my mind.
had depression last year docs never got round to actually helping me self helped but maybe still lingering keep having loud screams in my head and they come out as excited stupidness and me making strange noises of excitement i describe it as when
What butterty bull does this mean?
so my cancerian ex stopped talking to me since we had our fight conflict 3 weeks ago because i kept asking him why dont we talk as much anymore and he got pissed called me overly dramatic and said i cant expect a relationship from him again he texted me
Strange relationship with Cancer Male, distraught
3 years ago i met a 61 yo cancer male we met on fb and then in person after 8 months of messaging phone calls and texts mainly because i was in a middle of a divorce plus lived an hour away when i went to his house for the first date he was all over
Looking for honest advice on Cancer Guy
ive been reading this forum for sometime and have really enjoyed some of the answers here so im hoping that i can get help with a cancer guy i just started dating he has cancer sun rising mercury and mars virgo moon and venus we met online he
Ugh I feel like this Cancer Man wants me to fall in love with him so he can bounce lol.
cancer men do you try to make a fwb romantic all the time or do you get the lines clear
emotionally blocked....
is it a cancer thing did you ever have that
We finally got back on good terms...
and now hes lost interest sigh i cant even say what happened for sure he was out of the country and textd me as soon as he was back seemed pretty excited to meet and catch up soon then it took him 2 weeks to find the time to come visit
self hating cancer
there are so many parts of my over all chart that make me an aggressive out going thrill seeking adventurer but it always gets tainted by the cancer everything fun the cancer is in my ear warning me i might get hurt ruining the enjoyment of the momen
what is it
about cancer men and all these negative posts about them there seems to be more confusion with crabs than any other zodiac sign could it be they dont know what they want in a relationship they mature later than the rest have a big ego or they want t