Neat and Messy

By GemiMayMay 13, 2022 8:09pm — 1 replies

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men who say its not the size its what you do with it that counts and its not the size of the boat its the motion in the ocean dont know what they are doing sexually
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what is your fav non-harm excuse 1 it is not you it is me 2 i am having a hard time focused on myself right now 3 chandler i am going to yemen http www tzr io yarn-clip 64fe263b-6b44-4fef-a114-5a9da8392544 gif
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so i have a little problem in terms of a girl im starting to date weve been on 2 dates already things have gone really well we have kissed and gone a little further not sex though and are working out plans for a third date as we speak heres
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so they say men like a challenge and that s my problem when i like someone i like him period why do i have to pretend i don t want to see him or text him if i really want to i hate playing games and i prefer to be straightforward and transparent but
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https ibb co zs4cd4f
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can you guess his star sign btw i don t know it yet ok now i do lol so i matched with someone on an online dating site i wasn t really interested so i didn t open and the lady is suppose to talk first he extended the match for another day typi
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so the guy i met and went out with last weekend saw him on sunday he texted me tuesday night and i replied wednesday then he texted me tonight saying i was quiet friday and i said i ve had a lot going on but was at a rugby game tonight then he lost
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the one you want don t want you and the one that wants you you don t want met an aries on thursday went out saturday and sunday really nice guy a chef and a gentleman cooked for me talked to me we get on well he s keen for me to come over again
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if you re insecure no we never stop flirting with other people you just have to get used to it