Anyone playing civ6?

is it any good?
  • rabidtalker
    My natal chart is in my profile photos.
    is it any good?
  • Ram416
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    I'm still playing civ5.

    Waiting on more people to give feedback on 6. Sounds like a big deal but you never know. I'd rather wait a year before I get 6.
  • rabidtalker
    My natal chart is in my profile photos.
    The reviews have been good and my IRL friends seem to like it. Just waiting for some break in my work to when I will actually have time to play it..
  • rabidtalker
    My natal chart is in my profile photos.
    OK....I'll target either the steam sale probably in a month or so or the Christmas sale...
  • rabidtalker
    My natal chart is in my profile photos.
    Posted by Bratiki
    Posted by rabidtalker
    is it any good?

    It's quite nice ,the first time i played it i didn't know that the game had multiple ending scenarios, i followed the tech advancement ending and had no idea what to do with the religion smile)
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    I've played a total of two games now. haha. I went for a tech victory then they all declared war on me as I got close and ended up accidentally winning by culture.
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