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Are you a streamer on twitch or just happen to be a person that just watch streamers? Do you know of a good streamer?
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Are you a streamer on twitch or just happen to be a person that just watch streamers? Do you know of a good streamer?
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I always did want to stream something... But internet and compontents :'|

Depends what kind of games you want to watch, I mean I watch streams when there are championships and so on, mostly blizzard games. (yeah huge WoW fan here)

Not so much into the whole thing though couse I'd rather play myself than watch someone else if it's not some exclusive alfa/beta content showcase and/or giveaway :'D
I had an account, not sure if I still do since I haven't logged in for a while. Never streamed though.

The only streamer I use to watch sometimes was CDNThe3rd (Ceez). He's hilarious and entertaining and nice to look at too.

I'm a wiccan 👻
I only used twitch once to like stalk Sam Witwer because he's so hot and perfect and I loved hearing him talk

What a great technology

I would recommend it
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I know a lot of Twitcher and Youtubers that live stream. We use the GG discord to talk and hang out. Your welcome to join in the fun if you want or if your looking for info on livestreaming yourself.

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