Geminis women,I need advice..

By MemesFaceAugust 16, 2016 12:40am — 20 replies
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heres my take on this gem cancer moon hes chatty when he wants to be more introverted than extroverted keeps to himself but likes to know whats going on trustworthy with people he has known a long enough time private doesnt like to be smothered
These Damn Gemini Men...
i have a love and hate relationship with gemini men they know what to say do to get what they want and to make you feel happy and good asf and then they disappear cut you off like its nothing and act like nothing just happen between the two of you
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hi everyone - i am wondering if any of you have been in an ldr with a gemini or if you are a gemini in an ldr and can offer some input ive been in an ldr with a gemini man he initiated the relationship at a time i had no idea how far he lived f
Future reference: When a Gemini is shy around to proceed?
do you sit there quiet with them do you force conversation my venus and mars are both in leo therefore i choose the second choice they are so nervous i think theyre so adorable each time
Gemini woman ignoring me lol
this gemini woman ive been talking to for almost a year acts so friggin shy around me the only way i can get her to talk is if i talk to her first i havent seen her in little over a month she was with another woman i can barely get any eye contact out
Where is Krafty?
well http i1 wp com bitcast-a-sm bitgravity com slashfilm wp wp-content images graffatat jpg
Gem Male
i met my gem on facebook we exchanged numbers and talked for a couple weeks then i met him in person for the first time yesterday our chemistry was great however he is extremely fit and im about 30lbs overweight i told him this in text several times
Tell me about this Gemini
img http i64 tinypic com 25u0ikp gif img
How to get my Gemini gf back after hurting her?!
ill keep this short and to the point i was in a relationship with a gemini girl everything was going great about 3 weeks ago i was having a major breakdown over problems with my dad i got very sad and angry over the situation and took it out on her