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22 years old female
Pisces Sun Gemini Moon Gemini Rising
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Bloody 'Ell Mate! ☀Leo☀ -From the Volcanic Soltice of YO MAMA.

22 years old female
Pisces Sun Gemini Moon Gemini Rising
Bloody 'Ell Mate! ☀Leo☀ -From the Volcanic Soltice of YO MAMA.

22 years old female
Pisces Sun Gemini Moon Gemini Rising
from Everywhere
Just your regular homeless homewrecker and basic hoe..
Posted by clay

I love this one!
from Canada
The crazy girlfriend memes ... Crack me up without fail.

male from Chicago, Illinois, United States
Sauce Mariosep
Marionette Doll
Posted by ChoXtsy

Ohmygod 😂

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