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Astrological Discrimination
basically this type of discrimination is based on your sorry astro
i just thought of a new name
haha lollllllz geminicandle you can watch this video because unlike the last one there are no dick sucking jokes jus
New Deadly Virus
so far mers which stands for middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus has killed 38 people in saudi arabia and an
This is a really cool site ...
i was searching to address one of watercups topics and came across this i love it http www trinity edu mke
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when getting older
A dedication for all Mothers and Fathers
your children are not your children they are sons and daughters of lifes longing for itself they come through you
For the bored peoples!
heyo havent logged on in a while i started a youtube channel and wanted to share so enjoy its not for the
Why didn't they go for manslaughter?
we knew the media knew certainly the prosecutor knew that they didnt have evidence then went for 1st degree mur