Old Fashioned

By WaterCupSeptember 15, 2013 2:30am — 29 replies
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Don't you just hate...
when youre not together but then again not enemies either so youre just sitting there feelings all in the middle
Describe yourself
as the opposite sex same chart same you
What kind of drugs have you done?
im into marley but i want to do some more experimenting neptune sq sun transit
Holographic Jesus
when is he gonna appear when will i hear the voices in my head
okay i first mentioned about taurus being really hot chicks but it turns out cap women also has it nina dobrev
someone one the boards taught me to cut and paste she is going to teach me french kissing also where do you people get
All time favourite sitcoms
1 becker 2 will grace 3 roseanne 4 the hughleys 5 one on one 6 girlfriends
Chick shoves her fiancee off the side of mountain!
damn did you guys read about that chick who shoved her fiancee off the side of a mountain after a full day of hiking
Anniversary of Sept 11, 2001 and Sept 11, 2012
ladies and gentlemen we are on two anniversaries today the first is to remember the innocent people murdered in
All is race - there is no other truth (Disraeli)
who agrees or disagrees with the above quotation i think i agree with it disraeli was a 19th-century british prime mi