Slutty women don’t end up single and alone, actually

By RamOfPeaceOctober 14, 2017 7:43pm — 11 replies

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This Stereotype is true: Blacks dance better than white people
come on guys its true it must be a cultural thing ebonys seem to have more swagger more soul and emotion they dance than white guys i could kill for having that footwork https www youtube com watch v 81npdktcmae
Adding s/o on social media
yay or nay considering adding my guy but i d like to keep the mystery and also keep myself from over analyzing everything on the flip side i d like to tag him in memes and stupid videos
Evaluate me! Yeah! Right!
whats wrong with you youth why are you seeking validation and often from people who are arrogant cocky ugly and plain stupid god had created you the way you are you look in the mirror and dont like something - omg - its a xxi century
How some succeed and random thoughts
my coworker at my new job - i decided to label her a taurus even though i still dont know i came into this job positive and full force as i can feel this has been the most positive job i have ever had and i can feel it only going up from here bac
Tubbs Fire - Wildfire in Sonoma County
so if you guys follow the news you will know that northern ca is suffering through our worst state of emergency wildfires in history people have lost lives family pets and not to mention homes food memories vehicles and the things most of us take
Who you kickin?
lets say there was a national non fatally kick someone day who you kickin https youtu be 6tpef7an1ze
hydorah + gemitati = new loveteam?
gemitati said she likes hydorah hydorah posted a thread about gemitati
Do Libra people ever answer questions?
aside from exams and interviews of course they seem to evade questions all the friggin time
Members for Habitmastermindgroup needed
hey guys i am into personal development a bit i want to build habits together with other people we would send messages daily so there will be peer pressure to stick to it because there will be asskicking if you dont report i had a group bu