What is the most embarrassing moment of your life so far?

By Rainbow87November 12, 2021 8:40pm — 13 replies

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When do you predict we’ll be able to take off our masks? 😷
so i ve seen a little progress here and there with covid they re getting more strict about the vaccines and now also children are getting vaccinated it still doesn t mean we re back to normal but when do you predict we ll be able to take our masks off
Psychics approaching you.
so i m in vegas last night having a full-on conversation with someone about our kids and some issues etc and this woman walks up to us amp says we both have such strong auras and i have 2 angels watching over me and something about my friend related to
Gender in 2021
lots of focus on this topic this year there are anywhere from 64-112 different genders now i m curious to hear different perspectives on this
question to everyone here what is the weirdest most shocking thing s that you heard from a sign once i heard an aquarius saying aliens dont exist i cant tell whether i was disappointed or shocked or both im curious to read your exper
yes no
Below your league smash list
name people you would sleep with even when public considered them to be below your league and you deserve better mine 1 tina fey 2 lalisa manoban 3 marisa tomei 4 sasha alexander 5 aubrey plaza
What is harmless, loved by all things that you genuinely doesn't like?
cancer women i dont know why there is something i cant put my finger on about them it could be because theyre so opionated argumentative and aggressive for a feminine sign
What kind of Personality you would never take/entertain/tolerate even in little doses?
mine - scorpios obsessiveness - scorpios needs for control - scorpios manipulativeness - aries mooners insensitivity - aries mooners bluntness - capricorns judgemental - leo mooners bullying
Did it Feel Good?
when you finally got to reject the people that rejected you i mean literally for me - it felt so good when almost a year ago i got a friend request on fb from a girl i crushed on heavily back in hs we was suppose to go to prom together she brought i
Non Boomers of Dxp
what makes you think that in your future you would never doing become these things -a karen -someone who hated anything that is new trendy and popular -finally going to a church regularly -finally voted for republican -finally feel relatable to caprico