By truecapSeptember 24, 2014 1:37pm — 7 replies

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the first female ape well somewhat interesting all about the mind and drugs if you look at the trailer alone
just got it today since i was too cheap to watch it in theaters in may far better than the shitty 1998 movie that was s
One hell of a spiritual movie
i agree with concept of if someone is spiritual it has little to do with self gain and why would they want everyone t
Your sign and your favorite movie.
pisces for me its the harry potter series 3 obsessed
Jeepers Creepers
watching the first one conjurned that feeling of sitting around a campfire and listening to someone making up a really f
Fitty Shades A Grey
any fangirls getting wet yet dakota johnson fills the shoes jamie dornan as christian grey looks more like
We're the Millers
what happens when you have three aquas and a virgo star in a movie funny
best movie this side of 2014 very surreal and a bit frightening koba and caesar take a bow
Hemlock Grove Season02
better than the first and ended on a disturbing cliffhanger also a look into the lives of rich people lol
Why not make......
a good terminator movie without arnold i mean come on just t2000 became iconic why da hell not make two terminato