Another thread on dating Appearance Challenged people

By GemiMayApril 29, 2022 1:48am — 11 replies

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Money can’t buy LOOKS
may i have an example of the richest handsome men not from hollywood question is - when those people who look like bill gates and elon musk having all these money and knowing that they can never be sure that their partner loves them for them because of
Where affection is residing in brain
3 kids adults now 60 55 45 growing up with parents who weren t affectionate to each other to the point that kids had never seen parents hugged each other - all 3 grew up none affectionate blaming their upbringing in such family one sister and 2 broth
Healthy ways...
to get over a breakup that you initiated thanks
Your toxic trait
weve all got em and if you say you don t please tell me your secret because i wish i was that perfect i just realized mine is wanting the people im friends with to not interact with the people i don t like it s toxic but hey im trying i don t
What do you think?
what does it mean when you show some degree of kindness to someone youve just me and they immediately feel comfortable attempting to borrow money from you does this mean they absolutely dont like you but feel that they should at least get something out
Social anxiety
at one point i thought it went away but guess not its something that is awefully holding me back all i literately do is like work or play video games all day littaertely when i dont work and from time to time go see mom or dad there are tim
Time spent online
internet addiction we spend too much time online 2 hours on your phone everyday equals to 1 month lost every year do you feel like you have an internet addiction how much time do you spend online every day
I’m Jealous of My Girlfriend’s Twin Sister Impregnator
i ve said it before on the tl but this time it s different what i realize is i want to stop hurting i want to stop being so mad at the situation and jealous i realize instead of embracing my jealousy and playing into my jealousy and allowing it t
Could you ever
date your dead besties hubbie
What color is your aura?
according to this test i wonder how accurate it is my results gave me pink aura https www mindbodygreen com articles what-color-is-my-aura-quiz segment 1 5fitww s amp id x3ndnjjbnzuxak5lwev5bu9unvy2txhfwnptx1h4wnpdyuvxbujorllzqwl3exb4ugrgmk1pckn5zld