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Killing off more than just terrible relationship habits now. R.I.P.
Inspired by the Chancla debate. I think this warrants traumatizing retales of our childhood. Inspirational Latin music, beautiful art, and talented comedians. Anything you can think of Latino from Nueva Hispania aka Latino America. Other Latins wel
I haven't had the best luck with women, and my partner and close female friends say I appear intimidating. Whether I like it or not, the lack of active interest from women is a little saddening. I know I am attached but it wouldn't hurt to be an eye candy
I'm thinking of removing my texting plan for a while. I'll still have phone calls and email. It will be annoying for others, but c'est ma vie Have any of you? How'd it go?
I want to change thinking of things so negatively all the time. I have a constant feeling that nothing will ever work out and things that seem too good to be true probably are not true.. How can I change this way of thinking.. forever..
Help!!! I'm in a horrible place I'm a strong woman yet I treetrunked up let myself be stupid in being in a relationship that helped me yet put my life at risk..The last altercation left me with a broken jaw and ulna (right dominant arm). I need counseling or p
I never really put too much stalk in this feeling for *THIS REASON. What is the big difference between love and being in love? You have to be obsessed and blown away with a person to want to be with them and marry them? Feelings are tied to unconscious so
You see your self react. When your mad at work or when your mad at anyone... we react, naturally. But what if we hear a little voice in our head that says we are separate from our emotions? When we react it's because we don't center our conscienc
How do we feel about this - have you found it working in your life and if so - how has it worked, lets hear your real life examples and what helped you learn the best technique? Favorite book or YouTube series or what? Love to hear your thoughts an
Want to catalyze your motivation + goal attainment? Get your WOOP on! Wish + Outcome + Obstacle + Plan = magic
I'm not sure what it is- and I was wondering if anyone could have experienced or is experiencing what I'm currently feeling. Over the past few years, I've noticed a progression in how I've been handling the social aspects of my life. I'm an introvert,
put some motivational music in this thread if you like.
Wordy post that you won't read, yet this is the background behind basing your day on doing whatever the hell we want. Moving away from "how things get done" to how things get made, on a daily basis. -------- "Whether we admit it or not, we all want
So...... I did this test: I liked not only the results but also what was recommended to me to read further. or to watch in case of video. try it if you like.
a post last year, we laid out the human lifespan visually. By years: months: by weeks: working on that post, I also made a days chart, but it seemed a bit much, so I left it out. Not this time. days chart blows my mind as much as the weeks cha
If you were loading up your wireless mp3 headset with music, sound, recorded speech, what have you.... What would y

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Many explain this term as two of the big three(sun, moon, ASC) being in one sign. BUT. Does the sun have to be one of them? So, is(for instance) a libra sun, cancer moon, cancer ASC a double cancer? Sounds weird to me; the person is not even a cancer, but
Males Aries: God of War, Ares Taurus: Flower Gods, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Adonis Gemini: Messenger of the Gods, Hermes Cancer: The Immortal, Heracles Leo: The Titan, Helios Virgo: God of Weaponry, Hepheastus Libra: The God of Light, Apollo Scorpio:
Ummm so... This is an annual tradition here on DXP but, sadly, nobody has volunteered to host this event. But since I'm an "earthy" Virgo, I cannot let this year pass without this ceremony taking place. You know, I like traditions. And so, I decided
Anyone else a fan of K-Pop?
Would you give them a chance? I have an Aquarius man friend whose former fiancee cheated on him while they were living together. She ended up breaking up with him and dating the other guy for 2 years. She broke up with him last spring and has been slowl
I don't get along with aquas. We hit it off very well initially but something just goes wrong! male or female, we're just always butting heads. I have a leo moon/sag rising so i'm not sure if that causes the friction. I see a lot of sites that state we ar
I'm so done with ungrateful treetrunking people serious she falls for the wrong guys treetrunkss with the wrong guys and tells me what to treetrunking do when we go out. now I have to hear from her twin sister she told her that I have left her for guys before where as
I know she will get A LOT of hate because she's a Kardashian/Jenner but rightfully earned. Her face and body are stunning. This girl is fricking gorgeous. [b]For
Went on a first date with this Capricorn man and he asked me a lot of questions including what I like to do with friends, where we go and where they live. When I asked what about himself. He goes I don't have many friends. I work from home and at my free
Keywords: Bravery, courage, war, fight, power, strength, leadership, pride, fearless...
Looking at my friends list on SM, all the capricorn women I know of are be-u-ti-ful! I seriously envy them. They are extremely feminine yet not afraid to get down and dirty. A lot of them are moms and have bang ass bodies and look like they’re in their 20
What's up Bro-Nation, What is something females do that you find as a big turn off ?
'The Sixth Sense' by M. Night Shyamalan (stars Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment) Beautiful, spiritual, chilling, deep...