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Like what? Someone gets between your butt cheeks doing...motorboat? Is that what it is? Lmao
I know that Anxiety usually has nothing to do with Anger, but to me, they tend to go hand in hand. I can feel Angry at whatever, without I feel anxious, but, whenever I feel anxious, I usually feel anger as well. So, how do you deal with Anxiety & A
this happened 2 days ago and i really should be over it but i'm not i sneaked into the work pantry so i can eat some green peas then my libra coworker walks in with her lunch she then told me about how the dishwashing lady had quit coz one of
...and members could help those in needs... List who would you donate to make their life better. I would open Fund ‘Pay man to date CC’ And TheBunny rehab fund And maybe even TinMan all you can take Viagra fund... Add on...
Leaving the Middle East for the beautiful Amalfi Coast. What's on the cards for everyone elses 2018?!?
So I am an overthinker to begin with... I even have OCD not sure if they are connected, anyway. I have a problem since I was younger that I try in every possible way I can think of to overcome but get even more frustrated. Firstly its this thing t
I came across this article today which had some pretty interesting theories I thought I'd share with y'all to see what you think about it. Within the article they said the following: The resources exchanged in interpersonal encounters could be usefully
It caught me by surprise that I just found a saying by my prophet (Mohammed pbuh) that vibrates in a way of zen. He said in one of his advice, "Muutu qabla an tamuutu" which is translated to "Die before you die." Now I'm not well versed religiously.
OK so astrology really frustrates me in a good way. I always wanted to know who I am. I have said and done many things to define myself till now. What happens is that as it seems the idea that I have of me is not really what I bring out to other p
love? i was reminded earlier with a discussion with @sierra on a subject earlier, how alot of people fall for someone but the other person doesn't want them back equally. how does one cure this? i've seen this over the years, on this forum also
Because of a number of reasons, I am trying to develop a plan to become independent in every aspect the term implies: emotionally, financially, etc. If you have broken off ties with your parents/family, I would appreciate if you had any tips on how to go
but what about humility? isn't confidence a dime a dozen?
I am a white woman who works within a predominately African-American and Hispanic community as an Educator. In numerous comments recieved .. just wondering why I get so many comments regarding how "awesome" my brows look, my dress (outfit), my hair, and
Hey there, I'm quite an emotional, sensitive and insecure guy compared to my peers. Little things seem to mean more to me than others. I pick up on people's moods and body language and instantly think people don't like me anymore. Its really getting to
Just though I would make a thread about how I as a Male of the patriarchy think a women should interact with on another on a physical level and what they should and shouldn't feel comfortable doing with their body's. If and women disagrees with how I thin
I'm not talking about a retirement plan. It's something that I have been thinking about a lot lately, and I'm not explicitly talking about money or how are you going to save enough for you to have a decent quality of life after you retire. Assuming
From being banned? So van paid memeber being banned like a lowly free loser?
Personal stories and examples would be very much appreciated,indeed. Jealousy is a freakin sickness
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I'm still excited and I have all the feels. Sitting in my 2nd viewing and there was a line gathering at 9am in the morning. I haven't felt this much excitement over a movie in years. So excited for all the African themed So excited for all the
We’re all different and come from different backgrounds. Our differences can either create curiosity or fear....I think the former helps to create dialogue. What better way to learn and have a laugh and take a better route to race and questions about
I've never been so confused in my life. Do you ever know what you want lol? Where the Venus in Gems at???? What kinda relationships do you guys usually have? And what signs or placements do you like best?
What would you do with it? Doesn’t have to be on DXP, could be any forum or social media.
Are anyone here in bdsm? Just wondering how this butter works!
I think I’m falling in love with a first Decan Scorp, Sag moon. It began very innocently, but I later realized he was married. At this point I don’t want to walk away as we’ve told each other we love each other and there’s a very surreal and profound bond
It's a 4 year long story but I'll try to keep it short :D Met a libra man online. Had a ldr. It was great for the first 6 months. I made some promises I couldn't keep but not through any fault of my own. I felt bad and tried to break up with him. He didn
we travelled most of the time in those years, so we have been sort of living together. He never used one and i thought he was fine with it. we're both 30+ yrs old already have jobs except that of course he resigned from his work to travel. we never have b This is the actual game play thread. If you wish to find a team/placement to represent or would like to discuss the going ons in the league please go to the DXPIL Players Lounge here: https://www.dxpnet
Hello what would be reasons why Taurus doesn’t want to lose your contacts? I had to go my own separate ways with my ex Taurus due to my career. He seemed upset and blocked me from social media. I don’t understand why such behavior? I thought he understood
Like what? Someone gets between your butt cheeks doing...motorboat? Is that what it is? Lmao
Sooo, here's a situation? (females pretend you're a dude) If you were to see your sister with a mark on her face, and she says her ex-boyfriend hit her on the face, what would you do? A.) Hit the abused ex B.) Tell her to never come near the
I'm interested in getting a good Astrology software program, and I'm looking for suggestions? I'd like to use it for Natal, Synastry, and Composites mostly, at least to start out with. Is there one that will generate not only charts, but explanations, and
can see or feel things.paranormal experiences than others? and also, WHY do some spirits communicate with certain people over others? i read online in many sites that they are choosy and picky who they choose. but also, some darker spirits choos
Why do Sagittarius run from the truth? Everyone is free to feel or do as they please but when you ask for my insight don’t get mad at what I have to say lol I thought Sagittarius appreciated honesty but I’m starting to think that you guys only like to be
I’ve noticed a few threads where women have said things like “he didn’t text back, he must not like me” or “He didn’t call for two days so I guess he wasn’t into me”. Are women generally easily put off a guy. Related to this, if you feel that way wo
Aren't you into banter? Chit chat? Something to make the day go faster I keep texting this Cap who gives me literally nothing Yes he's cute Yes i want to bang him Only bang him. He's too young But other then that id like to just t
I have a Scorpio friend that I really enjoy talking to. The problem is that I feel like he's only nice with me on his own terms. One time I talked to him because I needed him but he didn't seem like the person that would go out of his way to listen to