A few more months!

By hellosaggySeptember 18, 2018 12:38pm — 2 replies
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ever since last april everything ive been involved in romantically has been a total disaster it didnt use to be this way guess im on a bad streak but when will it end the thing is i think my virgo friend may like the pisces since i met h
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ive heard so many terrible things but can this work out what are your experiences and thoughts to make it successful
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my sagittarius gf and i were on the verge of breaking up after moving in together for 2 months now its like i didnt really know who i was dealing with now im at the point of unlearning her and relearning her from what i see theres not much she can
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wow so my ex leo of 12 years ago contacted me calls texts more calls i didnt pick up not one phone call or respond to any texts he finally texted back that he wants to try agan negro please ironically he contacted within days of me walking
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i am a taurus female leo rising cancer moon aries venus and my ex is a sagittarius male gemini moon scorpio venus we have been dating off amp on for 4 years since he broke up with me the 2nd time we ended up being together exclusively for 1 yea
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theoretically how would a sag sun pisces moon sag venus scorpio mars be
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so us saggies can be commitment phobes but if you have commitment issues what does that specifically mean for you and how do you feel about marriage personally i have 0 commitment issues when it comes to long standing relationships provided my partner
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people just wanna stab you cause you dont wanna be in a relationship with them
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hello everyone i m a leo and i have a huge crush on a sag man i know i may sound naiive for catching too much feelings for him right after we met but i can t help it i met him at a friend s gathering we talked and laughed together as if we ve known
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this person has been in and out of my life 3 times now over the span of 6 years first time i was 16 he was 18 we were in a ldr for about 3 years typical young love our worlds revolved around each other 2nd time he tried to reach out to me again af