I guess I'm throwing in the towel

By hellosaggySeptember 4, 2017 8:26pm — 2 replies
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im a virgo sun with a pisces moon hes a scorpio sun with a sag moon i believe i really feel like we were meant to be together i have never felt like that with anybody else and he said he hadnt either we spoke about marriage kids and everything a
I need advice
my scorpio broke up with last tuesday apologized on wednesday and said if i wanted to talk about but i never responded should i text him or wait for him to contact me
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so ive been with a scorpio today it would have been 10months he recently just broke up with my last tuesday around the 21st he started telling me he was sad and wanted to see me more often than usual he almost metioned he felt really stressed and co
scorpio man's words don't match his actions
hey would you say that scorpio men are generally slow to fall in love or it happens quickly or not at all ive been in a situation with a scorpio guy for about a year now were close friends who talk more or less every day he says he loves me
Are you Techy or science based?
i was dating online i noticed that most of the scorpios i ran into were really into where into information systems as a career has anyone else noticed this pattern
Female Scorps
so this scorpio ive been talking to has in a sense just gone mia on me i dont know why although it maybe because both her and i have opposite work schedules maybe i was just too boring for her im a gem btw
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either you are a scorpio or a scorpio took revenge on you
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i think i havent bothered anyone with my scorpio love long enough so we had something break-like or should i say limited communications due to him being smothered by me and needed a breather whatever its not a question its an info last pic
How to know if Scorpio is genuinely interested
i have a hot scorp co-worker he has previously given and still gives off indications that he is heavily interested lot of subtle as well as not so subtle eye contact compliments on hair shoes cracking jokes p adding his own lines to my poetry on in
I have a question for all the scorpio men out there ****
im a libra girl and ive been knowing my scorpio for about a year now but we didnt really start getting serious until june its been pretty rocky because of his jealous and possessive ways but i try to reassure him that i only want to be with him and n