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By EvatheDivaOctober 12, 2017 12:23pm — 4 replies

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Justice and Temperance
i did two single card spreads i asked how my ex feels about me right now after the break up and i got temperance then i asked how hes feeling about the break-up itself and got justice can anyone elaborate on what this means
5 of Pentacles/King of Cups/Queen of Swords
relationship potential with someone very very new 5 of pentacles king of cups queen of swords i am assuming king of cups is him and queen of swords me i have been pretty emotionally unavailable for relationships for awhile pretty much av
Intuitive Tarot for (Unique SoulS)
just found my favorite on youtube i just cant get to his personal reading will try if you find it - share
What happened to Bobbie?
this is my cat she has gone missing for four days never happened before i fear the worst as she never strays can someone pull a card or two and see what comes up thanks x
8 of cups and death?
i pulled myself some cards 2 cards for each month the cards very pretty good expect for september where i got 8 of cups and death together what could that mean background info me and my bf decided to stay as friends yesterday cause im a b
interpretation of reading.
i recently got a reading about my relationship with a friend that moved away last year the cards i got were past 4 of cup present 6 of cups future page of pentacles any thoughts
Card reading about my life
hello i am kind of lost in my life right now my sun sign is sag my moon sign is libra and my rising sign is leo i am 31 single no kids and i was a teacher but i dont think that is going to workout for me so i was wondering if anyone could do a ca
Where is this message board?
its been gone from my list for a while now and i never see any threads or posts on my board either any clue
Moon clarified by the 4 of wands
anemaa08 usually i see the moon being a bad card and i run away as quickly as possible in that card shows up but if its clarified by the four of wands then a lot of the insecurities fears and things that are hidden from plainview that the person is e
daily card matching astro transits?
anybody else had this example 6 of pentacles right when tsun trine tneptune and tnept trine nnept suggests being helpful and idealistic about it or am i exagerating