The Tardis

By aquasnozMarch 30, 2013 11:26pm — 6 replies

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I need new tv shows to obssess over this spring
i usually watch fox shows like new girl modern family etc and dramas like the following american horror story but st
Keeping Up Appearances
rose is funny theres plenty of episodes on youtube to watch if you like the brit comedy
The Slap (Australian TV-series)
anyone else wathing this downloaded ehm i mean bought the whole first season and im hooked
The Waltons
this is a show my grandparents loved to watch theres plenty of past episodes free uploaded on youtube about
The Mentalist
i mentioned simon baker yesterday who is the head role for mentalist a very popular american tv series you
Curb Your Enthusiasm
i know its old but omg- lol larry david is an idiot lmao everytime he goes pret-tyyyy pret-tyyyy pret-tyy
Who's excited?
walking dead tomorrow
Breaking Bad
my husbands new fave tv show i started watching it with him too jeezz o o its really very interesting allri
Girls (HBO)
ok im totally gay here but is anyone else hooked on this show
Once Upon A Time, storybrooke
if youre into fairytales this is a really good series