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  • Has anyone else heard that? I think it's ridiculous. But, my opinion is probably biased. 😂
  • Lol...I am meeting Arieses 13 y/old son in a week or so. I am so nervous. All I know he is a good student and liking e-games which I know nothing about! However I am not fan of games but I spent think his father will tell me how to win his sons heart...
  • Routine is not always boring, sometimes it is there to give structure to our day/life or even to reach certain goals in the end (eg: working out) Just wondering if Taureans follow a daily routine? or weekly maybe? For me, I do not stick to certain days
  • The guy I've been involved with long distance for almost a year is going through a tough time, I think. His first love, 8 years ago, was murdered and her birthday was recently in January and the anniversary of her death is coming up in Feb. He's never sa
  • I find it a grave offense this board lacks a topic for this man. I'm not into celeb crushes but this man has Pisces Venus and Aries Mars to my Cancer Venus and Aries Mars and I just have to gush over him...says so in my water venus contract. So this wi
  • Hey fellow bulls, lwts share some resolutions/goals/ hopea for 2019. You know we have the reputation of being lazy and gluttonous...we wnjoy relaxing and simpler joys. I can fall into a routine and pattern and im teying to break up the mundane a bit. This
  • Since he came at my workplace we became friends, I'm trying to be like his bro or something, however he's acting strange,buying me presents and FOOD?!?! He has a girlfriend, I have my dude. Before the winter came I shared randomly with some friends(he w
  • I started my diploma class in September 2018 and there i saw him sitting decently in the class i instatly got a crush on him he seems nice and decent person.I didnt try anything at first but then in November 2018 I Started following him on Instagram and
  • I've been having facebook friend with this taurus guy for a while now.. I'm a gemini.. what weird is that the guy never have his face shown in a picture, it's all hidden with a doodle and a sticker.. until one day I commented on his Picture and ask when w
  • Growing up, everyone else (but me) thought I knew what I want in life/career...etc. And I was doing quite well, but that was for a very short time. I had very high expectations from myself and seemed to have the energy for doing what I wanted before I hit
  • Older scorpio female... was seeing younger taurus Male. I never wanted to involve myself with him... for one he was the friend of someone I used to date but the relationship ended bad because he disrespected me so BAD in public. For two he was married b
  • About a year ago I met this taurus girl online on a local fitness forum. Somehow we started talking about our gym routines and energy supplements and soon shifted to more personal topics. We messaged back and forth everyday for hours. After about a month
  • Ive never been a winter person and up until recently I use to be super content hibernating and just reemerging once spring came. Suddenly i have and antsy-ness inside me. I want to get out and do things. (Last 2 years or so). Im in the process of betting
  • We are in long distant now around 1 year now. We had some issue around 4 months ago. Basically I was nervous about long distance so we both agree that back to friend in that time. After we back to friend I start to share my daily to him. I text him once e
  • Hi everyone, been awhile... I’m a Taurus but for the life of me I can’t figure out this Taurus man. Before you read I just realize that he’s been giving me clues he liked me and I never picked up on it until recently but now that I have it’s like a test o
  • From my perspective, everything seemed to be going well. Over an email, I asked him out to coffee. He accepted and then gave me his number so we could work out "some dates." So I did what I thought would be right by texting him and then he straight up n