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By virgoOPPPAugust 21, 2021 10:36pm — 23 replies
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Grand Trine
would like to know more about grand trines and what do they mean is it good or bad to have a gran trine in fire water air earth which one is the most stable or which one is the most unstable how does it affect you i have a grand trine in water w
libra chicks and cap guys have the magic connection
were just too sexy together pass it on
Why are Scorpios so riddled with envy?
i wonder why cant they just work hard and just be good at something that requires talent
The Pluto Return of the US will not go as you expected.
all astrologers who are left-wing talk about how the likes of trump will be brought to justice or whatever but i think the pluto return might actually go in reverse people are going to catch on to the bs around covid and government-mandated vaccinations
I run out of idea about how to communicate with an Aries guy.!!
as for my story with an aries man from the first day we met there was an indescribable physical attraction between him and me than when we get to talk i found that we also have similar emotional dark sides too i m quite sure i feels about that he r
Charmed by a certain sign
id say im very difficult to impress but idk what it is but ive noticed throughout my life i always been easily charmed by sagittarius people guys and girls theyre just so mesmerizing to me like i want them to talk to me nonstop and be someone close
1st house Lilith
https youtu be pvxghbksvcy this young lady aint lying she explain every little detail about me here very spot on i like to know who else got this placement and if your life aint easy with it too as a bonus tell me all about it how has this 1st
Required vaccinations for indoor venues in NYC and astrology, what's coming experts?
i read that as jupiter leaves pisces the whole illusion of us being over covid was going to be over now the news today says that nycs mayor considered by many to be the worst mayor in city history has pushed legislation to require everyone to show pr
Please read my chart, thank you!!
im a straight 26 yo girl can someone please read my birth chart in general also does it say where when ill meet my future spouse what will he be like looks personality who will he be thankyou so much https imgur com a dwowedt
Advice needed - Cap woman & Taurus man
all started 10 months ago i will try to be as short as possible weve met online and it all started quickly he 37 is in a long term relationship with a gemini woman 39 8 years and i 31 am married with an aquarius man 32 10 years he let me k