Can't tell if Taurus woman likes me

By idklove27January 17, 2022 9:45pm — 47 replies
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i have been admiring my leo for years as a business partner never argued always had funny things to say always laughed with each other i was always there when help was needed we would say the same things all of the time we would constantly catch each
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my boyfriend is a taurus with a gemini venus and i am a leo with a virgo venus so it is a little hard to understand him sometimes but sometimes we will just blow upon each other for no reason i need some advice someone help haha
ive been dating a taurus guy the last 10 months everything seems ok but he hasnt once mentioned about meeting his family he will be meeting my kids soon this month for some reason im thinking he is unsure of me i asked did he see me as his girlfri
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i don t even know where to begin i m a leo he s a taurus yes i know bad mix wish i had known that before i got involved 4 years ago this past week in a firestorm of insults on both sides our crumbling relationship came to it s projected d
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your experience this is someone i was involved with 7 years ago but neither of us can say anyone did the other wrong he said he has been trying to find me for the longest and hopes we can rekindle what we had and tie the knot a few of the positive