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  • I was mentioning this man earlier, and his astrotheme chart is Aquarius Sun/Cap venus/Aries mars/Virgo moon. with Aquarius mercury. best selling author too. he has a lot of best sellers. so I was looking at his relationship status, and I reme
  • I keep reading around that AIR mars, in general, are sexless, or lack the sex drive. how true is this? anyone with AIR mars? I am putting it in the aquarius forum but this can go for Libra mars, Gemini mars too. I also read that mars in Ge
  • I posted about my relationship with aquarius man here. I met an old lady while I walk on the park. she stop me and wanted to talk with me. she use tarot card and she said I have a commuted relationship but he seems just want to be casual at the moment as
  • Hi, everyone! My relationship with my aqua man has recently ended, 10 days ago. I'm a Gemini, if it has any importance. We have dated for almost 5 months, we had a really good time together, we had serious plans about our future together, we knew each ot
  • I'm an Aquarius and my Scorpio boyfriend and I have a crazy relationship. He's so intense and I'm really so detached, it's bad. It makes me upset because I can't control it and all I want to do is love him. I feel like I'm the beginning things have happen
  • Hello, I'm in need of some serious help. About six months ago me(virgo) and my wife who is an aquarius separated. We have been married for 2 years and together a little over 3. We are in the process of getting a divorce, but I'm totally against it an
  • for not sending him a sexy pic while I'm away.... lol.. so yes apparently he was very stressed out I think n really wanted to relax a bit at uni so he asked me for a sexy pic ! I told him I don't really send real sexy photos and told him to just check out
  • Hi As the title says, Im curious, just how badly do you have to hurt an aquarius woman for her to go back into her shell and completely ignore you and act like you don't exist? Is this a self protective thing Aqua's do? What sort of thi
  • Few days ago, i was having intense conversations with my aqua bestie concerning relationships, love, friendship and confusing bonds & tensions between people. She was actually explaining about her own relationship with her boyfriend that he brings for
  • Hello, As people here have been really helpful in me understanding my situation with my ex, I have decided to post here again and ask you lovely Aquas for advice. My ex and I broke up 6 months ago due to her family not accepting me. I have now rea
  • Aquarius female here...I'm just wondering why I always attract scorpios into my life? And why so many of them try to pic
  • Idk about all you guys but the love area in my life has been taking a toll on me. Anyone out there feeling the same? I know Venus is retro and all but this is the most intense shit I've ever felt lol Not to mention I just got heartbroken by one of ou
  • Hi all, I just wanted to say good-bye to you all before I depart. It's been a good, insightful and hilarious 7 yrs on here. I've met some incredible people on here and some who I've even met in real life. Thank you to all those who gave me a bette
  • I had commited relationship in 9 months with aqua born in 22 january and i'm gemini. both of us are old. we went out to have some drink. i went to the place he suggest. as I arrived first, he came 20 minutes after. we hug and kiss there. talking and enjo
  • I have met an aquarius guy online through a common friend for 6 months now. I started liking him from past 3 months. i feel he too likes me. Meanwhile he liked another girl at his workplace who rejected him. He was upset. Everytime i gave him indication i
  • Hi I keep seeing this term used quite a lot on DXP and have no idea what it actually means., So what is cookie monster behaviour and what are some examples of it? Why would a guy or a girl behave in a cookie monster way? Is it out of anger, to
  • I am currently debating if I should permanently end a friendship with a selfish Leo friend of mine. When he is depressed (something he suffers with) I am always there willing to lend a hand, a shoulder, inviting him over sometimes to vent. At times we go
  • Aqua r known to love conversations that r mentally engaging and stimulative! I wanna read some of ur crazy convos that you enjoy having with close ones, friends, lovers or family !! The ones that catch your most interests !..
  • I posted here a few months ago about my LDR. Well, it's over now. I guess that I just don't have what it takes to keep an aqua man interested from afar. He claimed to love me but barely talked to me, and showed little interest in keeping our relationship