Aqua mars+aqua venus man

By Gem03December 3, 2021 3:57am — 2 replies
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Aquarius male pop ups…
ok so i was surprised with my aquarius partner popping up on me today at work he didn t call or text i looked up and it was like i saw a ghost i did ask how did you know where i was i recently relocated jobs is that normal i
Aqua moon - I hate you!
you protect me from what hurts me but so much i can t tell what s true sometimes it takes so much work to get through those walls i blame it on that freaking cap for running away but when i m hurt i m super great at distraction it s just when you d
Why are Aquarius men so emotionally detached?
been dating this auqa for a while seems like when life hits him hard his emotions go out the window and he s not focused on life as a whole it s more so work work and more work is this normal
How to get her out of her head
how do we get aquarius women out of their head to focus on the current situation make decisions have sex the cerebral processing these women do is off the charts what are some secrets to get them to live in the moment
What are aqua men like?
so i am a gemini sun moon mars with aries venus and taurus mercury and he is a aqua sun mercury sag moon venus with aries mars i have never dealt with an aquarius man or a sag man im usually involved with earth sign men we had our first date and he
How to deal with Aquarius man dealing with death?
so my significant other aunt passed a few days ago and he s taking it hard how do you really handle and deal with aquarius man and grief i know it seems like a silly question yet it s new and i know ppl process things differently
in relationships where i have lived together with a guy we have always consented to the following rule if one of the people in the couple is out without the other we have set a for us reasonable time before that time we either come home or message
hi lettuce partake in appreciating these eccentric cold-hearted qt 3 14s tell me about all the aquas in your life and how amazing they are and if theyre anything but amazing it is probably well deserved
Gods Gift
i know this will sound juvenile coming from a wise person that i consider myself to be i know there are evolved signs and sort of unenlightened signs i dont mean that exactly it is just to say that those who relate more to thier ego wont be able to
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i always read that they are the most misunderstood so how do i understand you aquarius men how do i understand you personally in relationships romantically or friends wise