Confusing Aqua Man ????

By CaliroseFebruary 5, 2018 3:53pm — 6 replies
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aka happy aqua happy birthday hope you enjoy
Winning back an aqua man
i had a very intense three month relationship with an aquarius man i m a capricorn i ended things with him because he was too busy for me he was getting his masters interning and volunteering i adored him and it was one of the hardest things to do
what do you all think have you all or any of you heard of the robertwanger natalie wood do you think he did it the way that oj is thought to have done it its one of those he done it but no one can prove it with oj simpson at least he had
He loves me like a doctor...
i ve been getting these electric vibes from my aqua sun pisces moon aqua merc pisces venus boss finger grazes long eye contact and stares and leaning up against me sort of things have been our norm for a while i m not really one to cross the line
does the taurus moon conflict the detached aquarius moon?
im aries sun libra moon libra rising aries venus mercury taurus mars new boy aquarius sun taurus moon scorpio rising aquarius venus capricorn mercury libra mars also his life path is 9 mine is 5 and my soul urge number is 9 and his is 5 w
Happy Birthday Orgasme!
happiest birthday orgasme https i imgur com cmie36r gif https i pinimg com 736x 89 10 e5 8910e5926e2072fd72c3f27f113d89b3--vogue-japan-woman-illustration jpg
Aquarius the Office Bully can't apologize
i often have lunch at my office with a sweet and wholesome cancer and an awfully brash aquarius the aquarius loves to challenge our opinions and im all for an occasional healthy debate however without recognizing it this aquarius makes rude and unn
after browsing through men of all signs i have come to the conclusion that i want no one but a gemini or libra sun man with mercury in gemini or aquarius and venus in leo i have yet to figure out other placements of this ideal man please suggest a g
Teasing Aqua
are you doing this if yes why how does it make you feel
Do Aquarius men like to save people?
like if they find out you were in an abusive relationship or had a hard childhood or whatever does that make then want to rescue you or is that just a pisces trait lol just curious in this it s a topic that popped up in my head this week also what