I miss him :(

By saggurl88September 12, 2017 7:15pm — 15 replies
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wondering if anyone has experienced this in an aqua i am starting to feel like mine wants to change me
When an Aquarius knows your mad at them...
how do you react do you stay away i told my aquarius guy off for being inconsistent and inconsiderate told him if he cant stay around to leave me alone should i expect him to stay away
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aquarius crush has been messing with another woman thats in a relationship with another guy its making me jealous its apparent that she doesnt want anything serious at this time so im just asking how can i overcome this jealousy and roll with it
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does anyone can tell me how does it work to get back into a relationship again after break up with aqua man do they have the same feeling as before my aqua told me he is not good enough for me and he cant give me as much time as i need him thats wh
Questionnaire--Aquarians-Full of Mystery(PART-I)
okay this thread is for aquarius sun moon men women i want to know things about you in general yes or no answers along with a bit of explanation would be highly appreciated p are you guys emotional at all do you never get attached to anyone
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my aquarius man is very jealous and possessive although he always says im not insecure lol i think it is cute it may be because hes 37 and divorced with 3 kids when im 24 and i get hit on a lot he doesnt have social media but he told me he look
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how do you receive compliments do you revel in them or are they awkward like holding someones baby and not knowing what to do with it for me its the latter but i do have mixed feelings i hate getting compliments because i notice some people give
Aquarius Sun Pisces Venus
does this type of person move quickly into a relationship with someone what else can you tell me
How to express yourself to Aquarius man?
so i want to tell my aquarius guy how i feel i just dont want to freak him out id eventually like to be with him but id like to date exclusively talk every other day and go out travel etc weve messed around for a couple of years on and off
Aqua girl still stuck on my man?
ok guys i need a little insight ill make this short when i first started seeing my bf he was also seeing another girl unbeknownst to me shes an aqua hes cancer im leo their relationship was casual they didnt go on dates or anything she