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  • Are we generally cranky, when something's amiss? Do we have a short range comfort zone? Do we suffer from frequent mood swings?
  • My folks were that couple (3/25 and 4/3) - shouldn't work, but it did. Any other stories?
  • I don't understand why so many people on this world are so weakwilled, They follow whatever he herd does. Don't people
  • ive been friends with an aries man for almost a year now,he used to be really close to my friend and she introduced him to me,hes such an amazing guy,he's so giving and caring,but he cut all ties with my friend because he fell in love with her and it wasn
  • Hi, I met this Aries guy and we have been seeing each other for almost a week now. I am a leo girl and this is my first time dating an aries. First meetup was good, we talked alot and just clicked. Same thing happened for the following dates. Then he aske
  • Can anyone help explain composite charts? I just started looking into it and have been obsessing over trying to interpret it all in the last few days. One question that's glaring to me is how can I determine who is who? I.e. Venus square Pluto. I've r
  • After a loooong period of getting to know each other and than dating, after our first night together, he kept pressuring me to tell him how I felt about him. Immediately after me admitting I started having feelings for him, he told me he wasn't ready to c
  • I've got so many Ram friends lately! One of them is particularly an interesting person, with unique sexy style and a smart head on their shoulders. What's most interesting though, that this young individual (upper 20s) is a well-schooled, smart, young guy
  • Just when i almost stopped giving a f about her she starts staring at me. Ive seen her doing this alot of times for the past few days. My friends have also seen her do this. We just lock eyes outta nowhere. Across the hall, At the park. Its really weird b
  • Hi! i have been dating my Aries man from last three months and he was my friend for more than 7 months before well unfortunately he was my best friends boyfriend but she cheated on him and he came to me any ways he knew all my past and all the things I ha
  • Interesting little nugget...l was doing some research on police records in relation to zodiac sign, theres an article about how crimes committed by Aries were off the charts in 2011. The officer said next year it might be completely different. I didnt fin
  • How does aries man behave when caught cheating or lying ?
  • So, she acted tough as nails for the first 5 dates. She showed emotion physically but it was very limited. She showed it in other ways though. It was in ways that she couldn't hide. Like in her smile and the way she looked at me. There wasn't even a kiss
  • Sun in Aries, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces in you a truly explosive personality; dynamic, hard hitting, powerful, and magnetic. Every idea put forth in the reading of your Sun sign is intensified by the Ari
  • Does anyone else have a bi-polar gf that is an Aries or any woman in their life.? Do you ever get used to the highs & lows & recognize them as the condition? & not her
  • I have a very good friend, probably one of my best friends which lately has been too much to bare. As awful as it might sound, because she is ALWAYS there for me, I don't have it in my to always be there for her. Because she needs needs me all the time.
  • so i have this dilemma. Im a libra f and I've been crushing hard on this aries m. were 20 in college and one night we were all at a party and my friend said that we were really close the whole night and that we almost made out. a week or 2 later he said h
  • Okey guys, first of all I'm an Aries sun and moon with a Cancer rising. I want to try something but I tought I'd better get some advice on this one. I hate rejection, and all my life I just turned my back on a date when I was getting ignored. I didn't
  • Hello!! Im Libra girl, who recently met Aries and cannot soberly estimate the situation cause did not play cards right at the beginning cause don't ask why We met at the courses. Aries is like a Fire, fshh. I of course instantly liked him, he is acti