What zodiac signs don't you get along with?

58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
Cancer & Gemini
32 years old male from Desert Hell
"I love pie.
The 11 Zodiac signs.
male from Brooklyn
"Destined For Greatness Someday Lol First Decan Virgo Sub Ruled by Mercu

other Virgos, sags, Scorpios, Taurus,
36 years old
Sun Aries18.31 MoonGemini 9.07 MercuryAries 0.07 VenusAries18.4
Leos...even though as Aries I'm suppose to. They drive me treetrunking nuts...
Posted by jade_dragon
What signs don't I get along with? Well, I'll tell you- I'm not a big fan of Stop signs.

They totally piss me off.

Just Say No.

Hahaha! That was brilliant! LOL!
29 years old female
Cancers...it's a love hate. Alot of eye rolling when they're around but I miss them when they're gone. They're freaks.

No luck getting along with geminis at all, so far.
Virgo girls hate me. The feeling is pretty mutual I must say.
Overall, it seems I've had the hardest time with Geminis.
female from a spot in the shade
" was i ever crazy? maybe... or maybe life is. crazy isn't being broken or s
what's yo sign, baby?
35 years old female from seattle, USA
"Ascendant: Aquarius Sun: Leo Moon: Virgo Mercury: virgo Venus: Le
what abot those damned 'one-way only' signs?!

i can pretty much get along with every sign but aries can push it. we get along very well but they exhaust me is all. can only take so much.
Posted by jade_dragon
And don't even get me started on those Yield signs.

Stupid f**kers

HaHaHa That was funny as butter!
I hate to say this, but i have a hard time with CANCERS! I can't stand it when people flip-out on you for NO REASON! I think it's RUDE! One of my good friends is a cancer, and sometimes she'll get all pissy and snappy for no reason sometimes, and im like "look hoe, i could just take this outside if it's like that!"

And she NEVER takes advice when she asks for it ***especially when it comes to men****. She just continues to do what she originally started to do!

But i have to admit, i love her loyalty and ability to make everyone feel like family when we are all together!

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thanks deemsout

signs I dont get along with are

aries (super battalion)

and awerv.

also ophiuchus.
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Posted by DepressedAngel

This pilot sure had a sarcastic way of expressing his opinion.

I woulda thought it crashed during flight school
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