romancing the cancer moon female

By hellosaggySeptember 20, 2017 11:52pm — 8 replies
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Ode to a Cancer Moon Pt 2
yesterday i was good and then a few interactions had me feeling blue i was feeling a bit down and run over internalizing my insecurities and frustrations wanting to go off but being tongue tied brooding scorpio moon style plotting death and destructi
Cancer Moon/emotions and taking the first step
hi i posted here recently about cancer moons and emotions i am now doing a follow up post due to certain things that have happened my ex is an aquarius with a cancer moon we broke due to a situation which was out of her control she then proceed
Cancer Moons and emotions
hi guys i hope you are all well i am curious to hear from women of all signs who have a cancer moon i hear the moon is what dictates emotions and cancer moons are meant to be super sensitive so how do you guys actually handle emotions when
Do cancerians get attracted to a person who has cancer moon?
regarding any sun sign but has cancer moon do you guys feel and get attracted to them i just wanna know whether moon sign can affect that much haha
Cancer moon confessions
i do that shit way too much but sometimes i just need to organize my thoughts and things that i need to finish and get done and i cant do that when im trying to stroke other peoples egos like i dont want to be around them and be fake and pretend a m
Cancer Moon Club
inspired by dastardly s scorpio moon club lets cry together laugh together and gush about whatever feel is in us at this moment for this is our home and our moon is precise http 33 media tumblr com 9b4046ea3186c47844d65d518b0ac547 tumb
I love cancer moons
they have a good nice sunny aura
Cancer Moons
am i the only one who is feeling extra moody and emotional during this full moon
Cancer moon are you paranoid or intuitive?
do you ever feel like you know something is going on but have no proof and you cant say anything because you would sound crazy this is the kind of thing that makes me moody when i feel like something is going on but i cant say anything about it beca