Is my Capricorn friend avoiding me?

By TxOgalAugust 24, 2018 10:39pm — 13 replies
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always being the rock and the steady presence when other signs come to you for support being amazing and unparalleled with our stamina in bed showing decisiveness when others can make decisions getting better with age
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what to do when he texts you after disappearing for 1 month to make him stay pls guys suggest me pls pls pls pls
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https youtu be tezhqywf8fe yes queen http 25 media tumblr com d6cd6ce7f21aba1fffaf2baea4022f48 tumblr mub82ijprr1sw4y2eo1 500 gif
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i think i like them because i always know how im going to act when they go down which is pretty much the same way i always act cool calm and collected keeping it professional you can always tell the other person gets flustered tho
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