How to get my Gemini gf back after hurting her?!

By shyleo92August 8, 2016 3:52am — 52 replies
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wow.. didn't think I'd miss my gem this much...
he does not trust and has been cold to me for quite awhile he refused to talk to me i finally figured out it was because of something he assumed i did to him he assumed i ignored his texts when he needed help but in reality my phone was dying and
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what is your personality like how are you in relationships and have you found true love
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just to give you a little info on my situation was in relationship with a gemini girl we were attracted to eachother and hit it off very quick im british shes american and we had lots of interesting conversation and got intimate fairly quickly too
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have any of you women been like a gemini man with capricorn moon if you have do please tell me what it was like and if youre a gemini man with capricorn moon do tell me about you because i really like this gemini man with moon in capricorn and want
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im an aries and ive been in a relationship with this gemini guy for a year things are going great and we even plan how our future would be including marriage or adopting a kid hes a wonderful boyfriend and always being so patient with the self-abs
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my brothers ex gf is going through a phase where all she wants to do is get fucked up until she passes out abuses pills and smokes weed she has a job and works hard but on her free time shes drugged up or drunk or both she was fucking a guy only for
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why most of gemini i know hates marriage
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hi all hoping to hear advise from gemini men hope this doesnt sound too cheesy im interested in my gemini mailman i think he may be interested too but get mixed signals hes a fill-in so hes not on the route everyday but often the many times
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im a leo currently talking to two gemini 4 if you count duality one of them is online and other is in person online gemini straight up weirdo i just talk to him when im bored and want attention leo problems into some kinky shit like