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By aquapiscescuspMay 13, 2016 12:35pm — 56 replies
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Should I do this?
I am unhappy in my current full time job (for a variety of reasons). The money is good and it's the first time in my adult life I have full benefits, but my quality and enjoyment of life has gone down considerably. I also work part time as a hostess in
Random questions about this site
Is it possible to "admire" someone without "following" them? Is it possible to "follow" someone without "admiring" them? Is there a way to check who(if anyone) blocked you?
Easiest languages you've ever learned?
For me it has to be German and French. My dad always has a saying "If you know English, you can learn German. If you know Latin, you can learn French and Spanish" Which is true. A big majority of Western European languages evolved from Latin. And English
Women what you gonna do if you are angry and your man kiss you forcefully ?
Do you ever try kiss your man when he is angry ? ;)
Liking FB pictures
How would you feel if your boyfriend (or gf) liked a picture of a hot girl on Facebook? Let's say that he rarely likes any photos, so it's not like he clicks like for anything. And he liked one of your best friend, but never likes any pics that you post.
For all who celebrate Victory Day (May 9, 1945)
War is a bloodthirsty, terrible thing.. Keep your loved ones near, and Happy Victory Day!
starwars The Smartest Dxpneter
starwars The Smartest Dxpneter Weirdgo RockStar!* - Johnny Star (H)