As a Scorpio woman I am not attracted to Scorpio men and find them boring

By Stensco21November 3, 2017 12:23am — 42 replies
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so after breaking up with me and sleeping with someone else we blocked eachother hes now back saying he wants me and thinks we can work is he playing games or what i dont really wanna take him back i think hes playing games helpppp
What is the most compatible sign for a Scorpio man?
hello there i hope you are having a great day in my chart i have leo moon leo rising venus virgo and the most dominant sign are vi capricorn xii cancer i leo i was curious what will be a good compatible sign for me thanks for your time
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how do you like sex what kind of moves turn you on
im kinda new to astrology but based on my placements which sign do you think should i date or at least the most compatible with me i know theres more but im talking about sun sign in general thank you sun 19 30 scorpio moon 21 01 virgo mer
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post your pics
How quickly do scorpios move on?
i was with a scorpio for over a year a year and a half on and off things didnt end up like a fairytale and were over we have had no contact for a week but before we stopped talking he said he was taking someone to thorpe park basically comparing ever
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tell me not to do it and ill do it twice and take a pictures roflmao
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i am reading every aspect of a scorpio and so far everything is right on money except mars in sag nothing that is written is correct several websites are totally off can you recommend which site is to use for that particular placement and wh